Hong Kong’s smart card will start real-name registration on March 1

2022-07-28 0 By

Hong Kong, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) — Users of Hong Kong’s telephone smart cards will be required to register their real names from March 1, the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (DCDC) announced Wednesday.It is reported that the new telephone smart card issued on the same day must complete real-name registration before starting the service.Existing telephone stored value card users are required to complete real-name registration with their telecommunications providers on or before 23 February 2023.Telephone stored value cards that have not completed real-name registration will not be used after the above time limit.Users can register their real names through different channels including their telecom outlets, mobile applications or websites in accordance with the real-name registration instructions issued by their carrier via SMS or other means.Individual users are required to register their name, date of birth, Hong Kong Identity card number and provide a copy of their Hong Kong identity card.Business users are required to provide their business registration particulars and designate a responsible person and provide personal particulars of that person.Under the real-name registration system, individual users are allowed to register up to 10 DCCS per person with each telco, while corporate users are allowed to register up to 25 DCCS with each telco.To put in place the implementation arrangements for the telephone smart card registration system, the Telecommunications (Registered User Identification Card) Regulation has come into force on 1 September 2021.The hksar Government said the real-name registration system would help plug the existing loopholes in the anonymity of stored value cards, assist law enforcement agencies in the detection of crimes involving the use of these cards, and enhance the integrity of telecommunications services and the security of communication networks to maintain public order.Editor in charge: Xiao Tian