“This port” Shantou Central Hospital: holiday eating and drinking not careful, careful gout “find”, prevention of gout to pay attention to these!

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In the first lunar month, visiting relatives and friends, not eating and drinking, a table of delicacies, a pot of hot pot, and a little wine, very pleasant!However, eating a lot of food and drinking for a while, gout may quietly “find”.Recently, the downtown hospital received a lot of patients with gout, with irregular diet.Gout is a kind of crystalline arthritis caused by purine metabolism disorder or reduced excretion of uric acid. It has a lot to do with diet, and what makes people scared by wind is its unbearable pain.Just after the Spring Festival holiday, the internal medicine outpatient department of the downtown hospital ushered in a wave of gout patients.Yang, from Guangzhou, suffered a gout attack after failing to control his diet during the holiday.”You may drink a lot of wine, eat a lot of seafood, and eat a lot of animal offal. You don’t pay attention to rest at ordinary times, and then the gout attacks.I just have so much pain in my joints that I can’t sleep at night.”Wang Yukai, deputy director of the internal medicine department of the central Hospital, said: “We have seen patients with acute attacks in the clinic recently. They come in with joints, such as feet, or some joints are red, swollen, hot and painful. Indeed, we can see a small peak after the holiday.”Doctors point out that long-term intake of food with too much purine may lead to high uric acid in the body, resulting in the deposition of urate crystals in joints, cartilage and other tissues, forming “topout”, which in turn causes bone deformation, joint deformity, affecting the normal function of joints, and even disability.Excessive uric acid will also aggravate the burden of kidney excretion, causing a series of chronic diseases, such as gout nephropathy, uremia, etc., which is a great threat to health.”In particular, we like to eat some of the lo mei, the liver, some of the kidneys, some of the viscera of animals;The other thing is seafood, things like shellfish, including some shrimp, including some Marine fish, which are high in purine.In addition, when drinking wine on holidays, purine in liquor and beer itself is not particularly high, but it contains ethanol, which will affect its metabolites, causing our lactic acid to increase and compete with uric acid excretion.”And fatigue, cold, excessive exercise, etc., are likely to induce acute attack of gout.”Once you get cold, the blood vessels constrict, you don’t have good local circulation in the joints, and that leads to local accumulation of metabolites, like purine deposits in the joints, and that can induce these large urate crystals.”Wang yukai said.Doctors point out that teenagers’ fondness for sugary drinks may also contribute to gout attacks.”Sugar in foods, for example, drinks and foods that are high in sugar, such as soft drinks, contain fructose, high fructose corn syrup, and these metabolites can also affect uric acid excretion and cause uric acid to rise.”Wang yukai said.Doctors remind that the most important thing for gout patients is to control their diet, carefully ingest high-purine food such as animal offal, seafood and meat, eat more fresh vegetables, and eat beans and soy products in proper amount.Multi-pronged approach to prevent gout.”This includes weight control, moderate exercise but not too strenuous, such as jogging or swimming;Regular lifestyle is also very important, such as not staying up late, a healthy diet, if the uric acid does not come down through this regular control, we may use some drugs to control it appropriately.”Wang yukai said.Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com