Urging marriage report: 80% unmarried men and women meet the Spring Festival urging marriage tide, unmarried people’s happiness by their own decisions

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On Feb 7, Baihe Jiayuan Group, Nanfang Daily and South + jointly released a research report titled “Are you Trapped by a” Tiger “during Spring Festival?(hereinafter referred to as the Report).The report focuses on the cognition and behavior of marriage and love among unmarried people, explores the changes of social marriage and love thoughts, and provides the latest reference of marriage and love views for the majority of marriageable people.With the increase of social pressure and the change of love and marriage ideas, modern unmarried people are more cautious about marriage.But for many parents, in their traditional view, the first half of life is completed only after the completion of their children’s marriage.When their children fail to get married, parents hope to promote their children’s marriage in different ways.Therefore, every Spring Festival, it has become an important node for parents and relatives to “urge marriage”.More than 40 percent of unmarried people were urged to get married during this year’s Spring Festival, while 47 percent of unmarried men and 38 percent of unmarried women were asked about their relationship status by relatives and friends, according to the report.With the increase of age, unmarried men and women in the Spring Festival will inevitably encounter continuous “urging marriage” bombing, in addition to parents, relatives, friends, teachers will become concerned about the crowd.According to the report, parents are the most concerned about their children, with 92 percent of unmarried men and 81 percent of unmarried women being asked about their marriage during the Spring Festival.In addition, other relatives, friends, classmates and so on also joined in the “push marriage” army.Parents’ love for their children is rooted in their genes, so they regard their children’s love and marriage as their own responsibility, in the hope that their children can be happy and complete, “urging marriage” is just a way of expressing love.For this reason, parents are the biggest source of pressure for unmarried children to get married.However, different from the deep love of parents, other relatives, friends, grandparents and so on are also members of the “urging marriage”, but most of them are just looking for common topics and expressing care for the younger generation, or out of curiosity, so they ask questions.Compared with their parents, unmarried people are less concerned about their relatives and friends urging them to marry.As the report shows, parental concern is the most important source of stress for unmarried people, accounting for 62 percent of men and 51 percent of women.Only 19 percent of men and 33 percent of women felt pressure from relatives such as aunts and aunts.Nowadays, with the constant change of love and marriage ideas, people are more in pursuit of independent love and marriage. They no longer follow the cognition of love and marriage of the previous generation. They decide their own marriage and do not want their love and marriage choices to be interfered by a third party.More than 40 percent of unmarried women said they were offended by friends and family pushing them to marry, but only 15 percent of men said the same.In addition, 50 percent of unmarried men and 40 percent of unmarried women expressed feelings of uncertainty and indifference.People have independent cognition of love and marriage and have the right to decide their own marriage without being affected by external factors.Even under pressure from parents and elders, most unmarried men and women will not be swayed and thus accelerate their relationship or marriage, accounting for 60 percent.Arranged marriages are a thing of the past, and parents only play a supporting role in their children’s relationships.Once the children can’t solve their love problems, they can only exert pressure through words, behaviors and other ways to try to achieve the effect.For example, “Once you get old, it will be hard to find”, “if you don’t get married now, who will take care of you when you get old”, “who is the same age as you, the children will be soy sauce” and so on are the most common urging words of parents and elders.In the face of “urging marriage”, unmarried people have summed up the coping experience, through voting heart, change the topic and other methods to deal with.According to the report, 35 percent of men said they were not in a hurry, while 29 percent of women said they were positive, but there would be no substantive change.In addition, 27 percent of men and 20 percent of women said that “showing determination” and “will actively love and seek marriage” were also important skills to cope with parents and elders urging marriage.Parents urge their children to be happy. Unmarried men and women also understand their love for their parents, believing that their parents and elders are only for themselves.Others say, “Marriage is not a joke, you can’t force it,” and “I am used to being urged to get married on holidays.”Especially under the epidemic, people have witnessed the moving story of “big love” and experienced the sweet love of “little love”, making love all the more precious.Being cared and accompanied by someone is a symbol of a sense of security. Being able to give emotional feedback is also a kind of happiness. Therefore, people are looking forward to finding a beautiful love.Among them, more than 80 percent of unmarried men and women said they will cherish the present more and look forward to love under the epidemic.To sum up, “urging marriage” is just a form of parental expression of love, which may be unacceptable to the unmarried group, but many people also understand the affection of their parents and elders.Even so, many unmarried people still follow their heart, their love and marriage by their own choice, not by the “push marriage” interference.