The New Year’s Eve dinner of Fujian people is full of seafood. People in the north can’t get enough to eat, while people in the south can eat the help wall

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Guide language: Bask in my family New Year’s Eve dinner, 10 whole 10 United States a big table, eat good mood, family more harmonious!# eat in Fuzhou # the annual New Year’s Eve dinner, do not know what everyone ate delicious?Why don’t you come with me?As native Fujian people, we eat seafood almost every day at home, so we must eat more seafood during the Spring Festival than on weekdays. Basically, the table is full of seafood.People in the north do not like seafood, in their eyes, these are not enough to eat, but in the eyes of our southern Fujian people, without seafood can still be called the New Year?What’s more, every year we will call the in-laws to our family reunion, eat delicious happy to be more conducive to the harmony of the family, we recognize my point of view?I prepared 12 courses for the New Year’s Eve dinner, but there were only 5 people to eat, so in the end, THERE were actually 11 courses. I bought nine shrimps and didn’t serve them. I also didn’t serve the hot pot I had prepared, for fear of not finishing it.I’m just going to post a few here, this is fried octopus with chives and yellow.Fresh octopus must be stirred for at least 10 minutes so that it’s crispy and delicious.Then wash and blanch and stir-fry leeks together quickly.This is the taro rice cake, my aunt made by herself, the craft is great, much more delicious than the outside to buy, hot pot hot oil put the rice cake into the fried soft can eat.Eating rice cake during the Spring Festival is good meaning, which means everyone is high every year and everything is going well.This is steamed black spot fish.The meat of this fish is very tender, of course, the steamed must be fresh, the Chinese New Year merchants were too busy to help me deal with, behind my own time was also stabbed by fish bone, my son is very considerate, quickly help me bandage, really let me feel gratified.The fish is quite large, so you want to cut it and cook it easily, because the best taste of steaming fish is actually around eight minutes, so the idea is to cook it quickly and still keep it tender.Sprinkle chives with hot oil before steaming, and finally top with steamed fish soy sauce.This is a white burn double.I bought cockles and cockles.This cockles is really too fresh, blanching to see the shell quickly open appearance can be removed.And blanching to see the meat on the shell is about to fall off.This is eight abalone, each of them big, and then with the vermicelle on the bottom, fill in the abalone with the flower knife.Then prepare the sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, chicken essence, sesame oil and minced garlic. Dilute with water and pour over the abalone. Steam for 5 minutes.Steamed large crab.The seafood was bought at a friend’s booth this time, the price is reasonable, the key is that the seafood is very good, you see this crab is full of red paste, children really love to eat, 5 people I bought 3, one and a half, finally my son a person wrapped round one and a half.The rest of the crab legs I used to cook porridge for supper.And this is an oyster fry, specially prepared for the in-laws.They are minnan people who always like to eat oyster fried.Although the price of oyster doubled during the Chinese New Year, I was willing to buy it no matter how expensive it was. It was made into a popular oyster fried by people in Southern Fujian. It was the most important for everyone to enjoy it, because the Chinese New Year is about happiness, and the family will be more harmonious when they are happy.In addition to the above, I also made the taiping swallow, which is necessary for the Old Fuzhou people during the Spring Festival, and the stewed beef and roast duck that my son likes. In line with the principle of not wasting, I made the soup with the duck rack and white radish, which was also very popular with my family.There is also the lemon coke made by my son, which is very fragrant and greasy. My son has grown up and is very sincere, which is also where I feel gratified.I saw in him the filial piety inherited by the Chinese people.From fujian province, this is our family reunion dinner, a table is seafood, northerners do not have enough to eat, ok, southerners have helped wall of good articles here, today I am the spirit of dance small dining room, a love cooking native provincein, authorship is food areas, to prepare three meals a day for our family every day is my most happy moment,I am also willing to share with you to exchange and learn.Welcome to continue to pay attention to me, in addition, this graphic work is the dance of the spirit of the small canteen original, it is strictly prohibited from other media handling and stealing pictures, offenders will be prosecuted.