Wang Renxian: Why are there many cases of unsolved infections in Taiwan

2022-07-29 0 By

The new wave of COVID-19 around the Spring Festival is just like the past experience. No matter how serious the epidemic is before the Spring Festival, it will calm down during the Spring Festival. The reason for the decline is an unexplicable secret.But after the Spring Festival, it’s time for illness to see the light of day.However, if there are no accidents, the control methods of local governments can be further optimized. I believe that the epidemic is still under control, and it will not be observed every two weeks as predicted by some pseudo-experts, because only inaction can predict the epidemic by observation.If you can know the shortcomings and immediately improve, you do not have to observe.When the peach machine poisoning incident happened, Taiwan “epidemic command center” immediately corrected to landing screening, there is no need for another 2 weeks of observation period, the epidemic immediately down.Is there a policy flaw in this wave of community outbreaks that, if improved immediately, would quickly ease the epidemic?B: of course!After the Spring Festival, it is headless cases that keep the local health bureau on the run. If the cases are found to have a source, the strength of the local health bureau will certainly be able to eliminate the root and reach dynamic zero elimination.Unfortunately, there are too many headless cases, and it is difficult to eliminate them dynamically. This is why the epidemic lingers on.Case can not find the source, is the current stage of the footprint can not be connected.This cannot be attributed to airborne transmission or material transmission, as there is no evidence to prove that COVID-19 is airborne transmission.Item contagion also occurs only when footprints overlap and must still be attributed to footprints.Most culpably, the “command centre” left the local trail wrong during totalitarian rule.”Command Center” design a mindless real-name tracking policy, let’s not cooperate to scan the code, the real-name system can only track “dot footprints”.But now encounter the “Omicron” may brush past the infection, simply can’t use the point footprint on quantico all, to add “path footprint” to complete quantico.The current way to find contacts by phone is to find the contact, the path of the footprint of the contact is not found, of course, will become the head of the future headless crime.In order to reduce headless crimes, it is necessary to make people who are exposed to footprints at the same time voluntarily wear masks to the health bureau for screening.The practice is to publish detailed footprints of infected cases in the mass media, urging people who have been to the same place at the same time to go to the designated location for screening.If, at the same time as the detailed footprints are released, the health bureau can also announce the existing screening sites, the Taiwanese people will definitely be eager to go to the screening, which will reduce many unsolved crimes.The “command Center” refused to change its way of handling the epidemic, which was ridiculed as “cutting flowers.”In addition to the wrong thinking and lazy establishment of a strong screening system, so that the “cut flower epidemic investigation” had to work hand in hand with “unable to screen a large number of people,” to achieve today’s blossoming of headless cases.No matter how hard the local health authorities try, they will still be defeated by “incompetent generals and exhausted soldiers”.Now that a large number of screening has been established, the Health Bureau only needs to replace the “mark epidemic investigation” with “Big kuang Line” and let the public take the initiative to cooperate with the health Bureau’s mandatory screening, so that all close and non-close contacts can be caught in one net.If there are no headless cases in the community, the end of the epidemic will not be necessary to wait two weeks and two weeks for natural relief, and the local health bureau itself can be the “epidemic terminator”.(The writer is chairman of Taiwan Epidemic Prevention Society)