More direct performance of duties, more accurate response, taizhou ten department heads and NPC deputies “face to face”

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Before 7pm on February 25th, the first session of the sixth Taizhou Municipal People’s Congress held an innovative “face to face” activity for representatives of the municipal people’s Congress and heads of departments. The heads of 10 departments of taizhou municipal government communicated with 10 NPC deputies face to face and directly.”As a representative from the grassroots community, I found in my practical work that the elderly in the community have an urgent need for assisted meals, so I suggest timely launching the charity assisted meals project to improve the elderly service function…”Taizhou people’s Congress representative Wu Xiaoying was the first to speak out.Taizhou bureau of civil affairs bureau chief Li Xinmei scene immediately responded and instructions, she mentioned that many villages and towns the streets are exploring, such as changes to the practice of the elderly to help the community as the unit construction meals, instead of in the villages and towns (street) level to plan as a whole the elderly to help meal service supply, through the central kitchen is set in the villages and towns (street) level,As a centralized distribution base of assisted meal service for the elderly.Deputies perform their duties more directly, and departments respond more accurately.Wu Xiaoying, Xie Cuibin, xiao-yan he, Lu Xiuhai, Liu Zhenxiang, mike liu, Gao Zengquan, guo-qiang wang, BianYongJie, QiBinChang 10 taizhou National People’s Congress representative and taizhou bureau of civil affairs, emergency administration, public security bureau, bureau of agriculture and rural areas, live built bureau, brigade group, natural resources and planning bureau, WeiJianWei, justice bureau, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 10 head of sat,Everyone spoke freely, the atmosphere was warm and the discussion was full.As the representatives put forward concerning the solution to strengthen management of electric bike driving safety problem “” on further strengthening property management advice” on the road construction science planning and shorten the time required for plan approval Suggestions, such as 10 Suggestions, head answered, seeking truth from facts and put forward the proposal on behalf of the discussion,To give a face-to-face reply, if possible, or make necessary explanations;If further studies are needed, we will keep in touch with representatives after the meeting.Gao Zengquan, a representative of Taizhou Municipal People’s Congress, said that over the past 20 years since the establishment of Taizhou city, the starting point of road construction in some areas of taizhou city is not high, and the problem of inconsistent standards has become increasingly apparent. Meanwhile, it takes a long time for the approval of road construction plan stage, resulting in the lag of government-invested infrastructure projects.Li Xingguo, director of Taizhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, said that “road construction and maintenance in the main urban area should be scientifically planned as soon as possible”;”The old city road standards are inconsistent, the quality of road engineering is not high, and the late maintenance is too frequent”;”High starting point to improve road planning and management, high standard supervision engineering construction quality, high frequency to carry out road physical examination” and other suggestions the bureau carried out a serious study, which has a higher reference value for the bureau to approve urban road planning and construction programs in the future.The conference room was brightly lit as if it were daylight, and people exchanged views and expressed their opinions candidly.Unconsciously, two and a half hours passed.After a short period of communication, the deputies’ questions were answered, and the relevant departments also learned more from the voices of the front-line deputies.Ma Yafei, director of Taizhou Justice Bureau, and Wang Guoqiang, deputy to the National People’s Congress, both felt that the one-to-one communication between NPC deputies and heads of municipal departments was refreshing.The relevant person in charge of the Standing Committee of taizhou Municipal People’s Congress said that the face-to-face communication between the heads of government departments and the NPC deputies yielded better results than expected, and the way of interaction could be expected in the future.It is of great significance to give full play to the main role of deputies, gather the wisdom of the masses, broaden work ideas and promote the high-quality development of Taizhou.Xinhua Daily. Intersection point reporter Lu Jiale Zhao Xiaoyong statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: