Self-cultivation of a small retail!(Required reading)

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Hello, everyone, I am Shanghai Kylin, please move your rich little finger, click on the upper right “attention”, not miss the latest stock market dry goods content, focus not lost!As the saying goes, a deep as the sea into the stock market, stock market are not just four hours a day, but behind the need to constantly pay, if don’t want to pay a little more time, behind the thinking of stock speculation good win again, it is almost impossible, in the stock market has a joke said very right “you chance to earn money, will eventually with power losses back”,That is such small retail, but also that the stock market money is not so good to earn.Then the question comes, as a small retail, if you want to fry the stock how to improve?This is what I want to share with you today: the self-cultivation of a small retail!(shareholders required) as a small retail investors into the stock market, first of all, we want to have a long-term system of planning and learning, maybe you will say work is busy, busy what business have no time to study, or you could also say I have a friend is old people, he is very understand, I followed him to fry, fry or you may also say me is to play, for your entertainment.But if you lose money in the stock market, especially after the loss, you will find that the stock market is cruel, if you really do not have a little interest in the stock market learning, it is better not to speculate, do not speculate at least will not lose money.If want to fry again, that still want oneself to have a bit cognition to the stock market, still suggest to want to learn stock market knowledge, do not do uncertain investment.From A macro perspective, we should have an overall understanding of the stock market: A-share market was born over 30 years ago, and currently there are mainly Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Beijing Stock Exchange. We mainly buy stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock Markets, and then there are main board, Small and medium-sized Board, Growth Enterprise Board and Science and Technology Innovation Board.As a new shareholder, he/she has the right to trade stocks on the main board and small and medium board after opening an account with the securities broker. The conditions for opening the permission of gem require 24 months of experience and holding 100,000 market value for one month, while opening the permission of Science and Technology Innovation Board requires holding 500,000 market value for one month.In addition to the three major indexes in the A-share market, and then the plate subject matter, and then specific stocks, index performance can reflect the current market climate, plate subject matter is constantly moving, need to keep up with the rhythm, buy hot subject matter stocks.Outside having a general cognition to the stock market on macroscopically, the place that we need to learn next still has a lot of, the most basic we want to be able to see dish mouth, if dish mouth can’t see even, that fry is tantamount to gambling, it is pure chance.Dish mouth reaction is the microscopic detail of a stock, it includes main capital flow, buy 5, sell 5, quantity ratio, change hand rate, turnover, technical index to wait a moment.Through seeing main force capital flow we can know this is main force net inflow or outflow, buy 5, sell 5 can know hang sheet circumstance, quantity ratio and trading volume can know this quantity can change a circumstance, change hands rate can know the stock trades active degree how, technical index can know at present is empty still long dominate.Obviously when we are buying stocks, we must be buying those who have a large net inflow of main funds, strong buying, volume ratio and trading volume have obvious amplification, active hand change, technical indicators show that the long dominant stocks.Dish mouth involves more technical knowledge, in addition to will see dish mouth, next we will also see the stock F10 stock data, this is more involved in fundamental knowledge.Open a stocks F10 casually, you should see the p/e ratio (PE), in the latest dynamic price-to-book (PB), see the can probably understand the current stock valuations, especially more need to pay attention to long term, generally low p/e ratio of stock valuations are relatively low, the future growth potential is higher, then look at the plate size, small circulation for short term,The long – term tends to choose some large-cap blue chips.See company data and conceptual subject matter even, understand what the stock is to do to belong to what plate subject matter, understand then is present hot subject matter.Must look at the news announcement, have obvious negative or positive, especially focused on the financial analysis, the performance situation here such as buckle the net profit, return on equity (ROE) and asset-liability ratio, etc., understand the status of performance shares, it is clear that the poor performance we try not to buy, good performance, can buy more.As a result of length reason, I here temporarily do not dish mouth each professional noun to do specific explanation, involve fundamentals to still have other not particularly important I also here differ an analysis.In short, fry is not so simple as you imagine, say it is a technology to live also a little too much, if you want to operate in the stock market for a long time, do not want to be cut leek, then quickly promote self-cultivation, quickly learn it!From a small retail constantly self-cultivation, grow into a senior shareholder, this process needs 5 to 10 years of precipitation and accumulation, the sea of shares is endless, we move forward all the way.Today simply share to everyone here, purely personal views for reference only, if you have different views, also welcome to leave a comment, feel good, you can collect, can also help share more forward.Since the system has changed the rule of push, we need you to “like” and “comment” more, otherwise the system will think you are not interested in the article, and will not push the article to you. Let’s help and interact together, Shanghai Qilin thank you!The stock market has the risk, enters the market needs the caution!Pure dry!How to recognize and apply the moving average system in the currency language?The soul of ask: fry this road in the end have a future?Practical skills!Fry a few kinds of style analysis, see which kind suits you?