Whoever catches it gets it!The US military sent a deep-sea robot to salvage the F-35, saying it was afraid that China would retrieve it ahead of time

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According to huanqiu.com on January 26, the US military is planning how to salvage the F-35C after it crashed into the South China Sea.Some Western media “dragged” China at this time, saying that “the US military and China are scrambling to grab it”.This is not the first time that an American F-35 fighter has been involved in an accident. Western media reported that this is the second time in three months that an American F-35 fighter has been lost.The navy a F – 35 c aircraft in the “Carl Vinson” aircraft carrier ship moments before admitted after the crash began planning a salvage 24, one hundred million dollars worth of F – 35 c aircraft landing in the “Carl Vinson” deck in the process of the accident, the pilot to escape through the ejection system, in addition to the pilot, there are six people were injured,The cause of the accident was not immediately known.The US is “flaunting” its fighter jets in the South China Sea with the slogan of “freedom of navigation”, only to have an accident and fall into the sea. It is also worried that China’s powerful salvage technology will find the wreckage of the fighter jets before it, and its advanced technology will leak out.According to western media speculation, the United States is very worried that China will “first” salvage the wreckage of the F-35, and then obtain the most advanced technology of the United States, namely radar system and stealth performance of the aircraft.At the end of last year, a British F-35B crashed into the Sea in the Mediterranean and appealed to the United States for help in raising the wreckage of the aircraft because of fears that Russia would be “desperate” to recover it. The Ministry of Defence said the wreckage was intact.F – 35 b from the “queen Elizabeth” everyone can catch falling American F – 35 c waters in the south China sea, it may be a good chance for us, after all, the accident site in the south China sea the high seas, everyone can be “freedom of navigation”, not only is the people’s liberation army warships to F – 35 c sea areas, Chinese fishermen can be, and under the high seas freedom,Whoever finds the f-35C remains owns it.The value of F-35C is also very high. Even if we only get some debris, we will have a great understanding of the specific performance of F-35C, and its stealth performance can reflect the most advanced degree of the United States.So the current state of affairs is likely to be a “herd race”, first come, first served.Western media believe that if the F-35C, an advanced fighter jet, is successfully salvaged by China, the entire Western stealth fighter fleet will suffer a “major blow”.F-35c fighter jets carry AIM-120 air-to-air missiles, as well as advanced radar systems and avionics systems, which are the most advanced technologies in this field in the United States at present. If the wreckage of the plane falls elsewhere, even a single fragment, it will be a huge loss for the United States.And if the core technology leaks, the United States in recent decades of technological research and building fighter forces, will become “scrap iron”.U.S. F-35A launches AIM-120C5 missile for the first timeThe operation has already begun with the SUPSALV team, which is responsible for deep-sea salvage operations in the US Military, equipped with CURV21 special deep-sea robot.A Sea Hawk helicopter that crashed into the sea in 2020 was retrieved near Japan.The Sea Hawk helicopter sank to a depth of 5,814 metres and was recovered by CURV21, a special deep-diving robot.Its fiber-optic umbilical communicates with the ship’s control terminal and receives instructions to transmit images of the seafloor and detection information back to the ship.CURV21 is expected to be used after the F-35C crashed to a depth of between 3,000km and 4,000km. However, the f-35C will need to be precisely positioned first.Editor/Wen Xin