51 + 9 + 6!Doncic has’ two people to thank ‘for three world War I records

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In the Mavericks’ 112-105 victory over the Clippers, Doncic made 17 of 26 shots, including 7 of 14 from 3-point range and 10 of 14 from free throw line. He set three records in a row with 51 points, nine rebounds and six assists.Doncic 51+9+6 3 record 1, scoring a career highDoncic 49 Points Doncic, who has scored 46 points in a single game since joining the NBA, scored 51 points to set a career high and join the 50-point club.Doncic’s 28 points in a quarter set two records.Doncic went into individual attack mode from the start, shooting 7-of-10 from 3-point range, adding three 2-pointers and a 1-of-4 free throw to finish with 28 points in a single quarter to set two records.1. Doncic scored 28 points in a quarter, setting a new personal scoring record.2. Scored 28 points in a quarter, the most by an NBA player this season.How did Doncic achieve three world War I records in a row?Behind the individual outstanding ability, two people are indispensable.Doncic would like to thank Jason Kidd for parting with Porzingis.Today at four o ‘clock in the morning is the NBA trade deadline, lone ranger management to make an important decision, send port tianjin gith for wizards dinwiddie and bear tans, kidd coach as a boss is on the deal, he wants to build east odd single-core mode, helmed the bucks, he was so of forging a letters, reflect on the game:East qi has three points in the past have vast port tianjin, east of both the feeling of the big brother, to share the ball, now only a single core, have not yet played dinwiddie, were so as shown, the east has limitless fire power, such as “three points” vast distances the work, the past is Boer ferry gith exclusive rights, now all divided to east qi qi.Doncic took 26 shots in the game, which is a prerequisite for his high score.Doncic would like to thank Zubaz.Doncic’s training of Zubaz was one of the best parts of the mavericks/Clippers meetings in the playoffs the past two years, and he did it again from the first quarter.Doncic plays with Zubacz. Doncic calls Zubacz. If he doesn’t dive for defense, Doncic gets three points.Zubaz came out for the defense, and doncic just sauntered through for a layup. It was a bit of a play.How happy was Doncic to see Zubaz?Doncic hits Zubaz and smiles like in this scene, doncic shoots zubaz and comes back to the defense, he’s all smiles.So, doncic was able to set three consecutive records, in addition to his personal ability and today’s hot hand, he is thanks to Kidd trade porzingis, and zubaz, two opponents, in addition to kidd’s coaching method, Doncic may be from now on, gradually toward the new peak of his career.