Fei Fan, the new chairman of China Resources Yuanda Fund, was appointed general manager at the same time

2022-07-31 0 By

On April 7, Capital State learned that recently, China Resources Yuanta Fund released a notice on the change of chairman and Fei Fan on behalf of the general manager, the content shows that li Weiwei, the former chairman of the board of directors resigned, the new Fei fan as the company’s chairman, the appointment date of April 1, 2022;In addition, fei Fan, general manager of strategic Development Department of China Resources Financial Holding Co., LTD., will take over the post of general manager for no more than six months after the former general manager Li Po leaves office.Relevant information shows that Fei Fan began to work in 2003, successively served as the investment consulting project manager of Victor Management Co., LTD.Senior Project Manager of Strategic Planning, Assistant General Manager of Strategy and Institutional Development Department of Head Office, Deputy General Manager of Industry Finance Department, General Manager of Business Development Department ii, General manager of Energy Finance Business Development Department, etc.Vice President, M&a Investment, Hillhouse Capital Equity Investment;Managing Director of China Resources New Economic Fund and Managing Director of Venture Capital Business;General Manager, Strategic Development Department, China Resources Financial Holding Co., LTD.It is reported that China Resources Yuanta Fund Management Co., LTD., established on January 17, 2013, is a comprehensive asset management institution subordinate to China Resources Group. Its business scope includes public offering fund business, specific client asset management business and other business approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission, with a registered capital of 600 million yuan.The company has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, Shenzhen China Resources Yuanta Asset Management Co., LTD., which is mainly engaged in specific customer asset management business.Choice data shows that, so far, China Resources Yuanta fund assets (all) 14.415 billion yuan, ranked 109/181;Asset size (non-monetary) 9.198 billion yuan, ranking 113/181;The number of its funds is 17, ranking 105/181;6 fund managers, ranked 112/181.From the perspective of fund investment types, among the 17 products of China Resources Yuanta Fund, there are 2 equity funds with a total size of 540 million yuan.There are 8 hybrid funds in total, with a total size of 1.064 billion yuan.There are 5 bond funds with a total size of 7.594 billion yuan.There are 2 monetary funds with a total size of 5.216 billion yuan.This article is from Capital State