Spring afforestation boom in Xintian increased afforestation by more than 20 thousand mu

2022-07-31 0 By

Yongzhou today (SAN tin melting media reporters Deng mau correspondent Agatanoatae chao-long li) for days, SAN tin county agency unit and the township cadres and workers through developing study lei feng, “38” deqing, residency support will respectively to contact support village, together with all the villagers, in the waste mountains and by the river side, the side of the road, green space, hits the trees planted,Set off the county spring afforestation upsurge.Up to now, it has planted more than 2 million trees and afforested more than 20 thousand mu.In this year’s afforestation work, Xintian County adhere to the implementation of the forest chief system as an opportunity, afforestation and improve the ecological environment, rural revitalization work organic combination.The county plans to afforestation 50,000 mu, including 6,800 mu of artificial afforestation in key areas for ecological protection and restoration, 3,200 mu of artificial afforestation in the visible range of S345 first class highway, 9,500 mu of artificial restoration of degraded forests, 4,500 mu of closed mountains for afforestation, 16,000 mu of forest nurturing, and 10,000 mu of afforestation for large households.By using the combination of national funds and local financing, subsidies for key projects and large households forestation, layer upon layer compaction responsibility, to implement the main township, county natural resources bureau technical guidance, improve the quality of forestation, to create a forest city.In recent years, Xintian county vigorously implemented the strategy of “establishing the county by ecology”, and successively launched a large number of key ecological forest construction projects such as ecological protection and restoration in key areas and ecological corridor construction.Up to now, the county has increased the afforestation area of 20,000 mu, forest coverage rate of 56.15%, won the natural county of China this honor, to achieve ecological benefits and economic benefits of win-win.