The 2021 Hangzhou Youth football winter Camp will be divided into different groups to eliminate the situation of “big playing small”

2022-07-31 0 By

On January 25, the five-day Hangzhou Youth football Winter Camp 2021 kicked off in hangzhou Football Sports Management Center.Eighty young athletes and coaches from Hangzhou participated in the competition. They were selected as outstanding campus football instructor representatives and outstanding student representatives with excellent character and learning and outstanding football skills.The purpose of this winter camp is to let the coaches of campus football teams and junior players explore new ideas for the in-depth development of youth football and create a stronger campus football atmosphere.Compared with previous sessions, this winter camp is more detailed in the form of team grouping.In terms of age group setting, it is divided into middle and upper primary school groups, and then on the basis of these two groups, it is classified according to the basic football level.The benefit of this change is to ensure that every player practices and plays in as fair a manner as possible, eliminating the practice of “playing small against big”.Putting each player up against other kids of the same age ensures the game is intense and competitive.In addition, during the winter camp, the young players will display their skills and talents in various aspects including football, and will interpret the concept of “sunshine sports, happy football” with a spirit of solidarity, cooperation, confidence and optimism.They will not only communicate with each other on the winter camp football field, but also present the results of campus football activities in other aspects.Therefore, this is also a campus football activities of communication and display event.During the activity, the organizing committee will hold activities such as five-a-side training match, seven-a-side football match and football knowledge class to train and select outstanding student players.