The Year 2022

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1. “Born in sorrow and die in peace” and “boiled frog” have the same idea.2 tares can not enjoy the same treatment as seedlings, not the same circle do not melt.Or there will be consequences.Striver’s happiness begins with pain, enjoy the pain from happiness.Life after suffering is itself a kind of happiness, and life after suffering is itself a kind of pain.4 “man-made” : no matter not born non, occupy the heart is not disorderly, big heart is not afraid, small heart is not slow.5. Turn decadence into magic, swords into swords.Life gives you a feather duster, and you have to work hard to weave it into a feather duster.Once thought that it is not easy to have, and finally found that it is more difficult to give up.7. The greatest regret in life is to give up the things you shouldn’t give up.Hold on to something you shouldn’t hold on to;I got something I didn’t deserve.Life is like disposable chopsticks, can be picked up, put down, willing to abandon.9. Give up your troubles, get happy;Give up the pain, get happiness;Willing to bear hardships, get blessings;Willing to fail, get success…10. It is foolish to punish others for your own mistakes and yourself for the mistakes of others.