China Meteorological Administration issued two major weather events in January to affect China

2022-08-01 0 By

China Meteorological Administration (CMA) held a press conference on January 29, wang Yawei, deputy director of the Department of Emergency Disaster Reduction and Public Services of cMA released the main weather events in January.The national average temperature for January (1-27) was -3.7 degrees Celsius, 1.2 degrees higher than the same period in previous years, Wang said.The national average precipitation is 14.3 mm, 11.9% more than the same period of the previous year.The main weather events are as follows: First, two cold air processes affect China, less than the same period of the year (3.3).The first cold air process was from January 11 to 12. Under the influence of the cold air process, the temperature drop in most parts of central and eastern China was 4-6 ℃, and the local temperature drop was more than 8℃.The second one, from January 17 to 18, mainly affected northeast and southwest China.As a result, low temperature and cold disasters occurred in Lijiang, Yunnan province, and snow disasters of varying degrees occurred in Nagqu and Xigaze, Tibet.Second, two large-scale rain and snow weather affected the central and eastern regions of China, both of which had the characteristics of wide impact area and large snowfall.From January 21 to 23, the snowfall was mainly concentrated in the north of the Yangtze River.After The 26th, the central and eastern parts of China will see rain and snow again.Due to the superimposed effect of two rain and snow weather, snow and ice of different degrees occurred in many parts of central and eastern China, leading to the closure of many expressways.In southern China, there are more rainy days and less sunshine, which leads to wet farmland soil, which has a negative effect on crop growth.