FIFA for the National football team sent god assist, after the women’s football team won the championship, Chinese football again welcome good news, the men’s football team has a hope

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Chinese football is now experiencing “ice and fire”, on the one hand, the Asian Women’s Football Cup won the gold medal, was regarded as the “national hero”, has been the public opinion, fans of the collective pursuit.On the one hand, the Chinese men’s soccer team’s humiliating defeat to Vietnam caused a stir during the Spring Festival, becoming the target of the whole nation’s shelling.Seeing the Chinese men’s football team so poor, FIFA is also very anxious, because the Chinese market is such a big “cake”, if The Chinese team can return to the World Cup, it will bring FIFA income is absolutely inestimable.So there are many Chinese fans laugh, even if it is “lift”, FIFA also want to China team “lift” into the World Cup!FIFA has worked hard in recent years to achieve this goal.They first change the policies of domestication, let originally for the team’s two other leaders being Chen ming-shu too have on behalf of the team’s play, then see the naturalization of the team’s still trudging, straight-tempered expanded directly to the World Cup, FIFA team before the 32 increased to 48, Asia’s entry quota also directly doubled, reached 8.5.According to the Chinese team before the world ranking, we in Asia just happened to rank in the 8th, just take the expansion of the World Cup after the last bus.However, not long ago, the away defeat to Vietnam team, undoubtedly gave China a heavy blow, in the face of Asia’s top ten are not into Vietnam team, the national football team was in a passive, completely by the opponent.According to this performance, even if the Asian quota is increased by four, China may not be able to lock a World Cup ticket.Seeing such scenes, FIFA cannot sit still.Not long ago, FIFA officially announced a new initiative called the Talent Development Program, which will involve FIFA in the work of football associations to develop detailed development plans to help underdeveloped regions reach their full potential and reduce the gap in the level of football between countries.The message is simple, since you don’t know how to develop football, I will teach you!Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, FIFA’s head of global development, said: “We have taken another important step with the launch of FIFA’s talent development programme.We need to give every country’s football talent the opportunity and I believe we can improve the level gap between the six football associations and the 211 and the association countries.”Many football fans see FIFA’s move as a “tailor-made” measure for the National team, which gives The Chinese men’s team something to look forward to.”Just say help China, which has one-fifth of the world’s population,” one fan wrote. “If men’s football wins, FIFA will make a fortune.””Chinese football is still a desert. Even FIFA can’t watch it anymore,” another fan wrote.However, another fan said: “FIFA will not come, the problem of Chinese football is not so simple, form is more than content.”