How to eat momordica common way to eat momordica

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Momordica is a kind of healthy fruit that can clear heat, detoxify inflammation and sterilize bacteria, nourish Yin and moisten lung. It is mainly produced in southern China. It can eliminate the damage of nicotine to human lungs, and is usually most suitable for those who like smoking.In the necessary time for 2 ~ 3 siraitia grosvenorii and a snow pear, then prepare the right amount of crystal sugar, preparation good herbal tea to wash after the broken into the pot and boil, take out after liquid in again into the pot, add rock sugar, again to cut into squares of crystal sugar, boiled together, then cook half an hour at the mercy of, can take take out after cooling.This herbal tea bubble water is unfit to eat directly, but it is especially suitable for used to bubble water to drink, with a herbal bubble water to drink, must use clean water to wash it, and then break it into squares, directly on clean glass, brewed in boiling water, soak good can add right amount honey to taste drink again after, can also be put after the broken of siraitia grosvenorii keep fit,Add proper amount of water and cook before taking.Siraitia grosvenorii common ways of herbal tea herbal tea can match and longan longan tea in tea drink together, doing the time necessary for fructus momordicae, half of the longan, seven or eight of drinking water, adequate preparation in this good to wash broke it, and the preparations for the good of dried longan together in a clean glass jug, take part in the boiled water bubble directly, after his broth to become red,Take out the soup and drink it directly. Every time you add luohan fruit and longan, you can repeat brewing 4~5 times.Siraitia grosvenorii siraitia grosvenorii pig lung soup can match and pig lung soup to drink together, doing the time necessary to cut the strange pig lung after wash into flake, then get the preparation good herbal tea wash into small pieces, and wash after pig lung together into the pot, heat with the fire boil after add the right amount of sweet almond and lily, then boil with small fire,Two hours later, the luo han guo pork lung soup in the pot will be ready. At this time, it is necessary to add salt to taste, and after mixing, it can be served out of the pot.: This article comes from the network, the copyright belongs to the originator, please be sure to indicate the source.This article is shared for the purpose of dissemination and learning exchange and is not responsible for the opinion of the article.All kinds of dietary prescription, prescription, prescription and so on are only for reference, non-professionals do not blindly try!The advertisement in this article is automatically generated by the system and this number has nothing to do.If you have any questions, please leave a message online, we will deal with it as soon as possible, thank you.