In the first week of school, please tell your child: the disciplined stand out, the lazy stand out!Parents read to their children

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There was once a meaningful picture on the Internet: a bird perched on a branch, and a group of birds in the distance were soaring higher and higher in the broad blue sky.The caption reads: ‘SON, I know you are tired but everyone else is flying…’Human nature is the pursuit of comfort, escape pain, who does not want to nest on the sofa to play mobile phone snacks, want to learn to study, do not want to study.However, there is one immutable rule in this world: the disciplined stand out and the lazy stand out.How much self-discipline a person has, how high his life.Children, please believe that in the new semester, how much self-discipline you have, how good.A mouse fell into a bowl of rice. The accident made him overjoyed.He looked around warily and saw that there was no danger. Then he ate heavily and went to sleep.Wake up, the mouse ready to jump out of the rice tank to go, but it always reluctant to give up the eyes of the white rice.In this way, the mouse ate and slept in the rice tank, woke up to eat, the day unconsciously spent in leisure, until one day the rice tank saw the bottom, it found that he could not jump out.You can imagine the fate of the mouse, which tragically starved to death at last.Does the rat in this rice bowl look like some children?Greedy for pleasure, no self-control, just want to eat and play, play and sleep every day of life, but in the end what will you get?Just like this rat, trapped in a rice bowl, and ultimately paying for a moment of indulgence.Children, indulgent desire, often can only get temporary satisfaction and happiness, get temporary freedom, but ultimately to pay a heavy price.Indulgence is man’s nature, and restraint is man’s reason.If you don’t try, you’ll be replaced by two horses, each pulling a cart.One horse is fast, the other is slow.So the master took all the goods from the back to the front, and gradually only the front horse pulled the cart, while the back horse was left at home to do some other odd work, but the two horses still ate the same grass.The horse behind did not have to do any heavy work, life leisurely, very complacent smile: “Cut!The harder you try, the more you suffer!”Who knows later the festival, the host entertain guests, found no meat, so this batch of idle boring lazy horse slaughter, used to entertain guests.This is the lazy horse effect. If you are not essential, don’t make efforts, don’t work hard, sooner or later, you will be replaced by others.It has been said that this is an era of survival of the fittest and survival of the fittest.Son, the competition in this society is so fierce that you can’t imagine, you can only see the bright surface, but you can’t see how hard the bright people work to keep themselves from being eliminated, to get themselves to the top.Only by working hard can we make our future lives less laborious.Grace needs confidence luxuriant need strength small wild flower and epiphyllum grow together.One day, epiphyllum opened in the night, her flower tube slowly rolled up, purple coat slowly opened, in the soft moonlight it saw the white petals run jade, white silk, beauty is amazing.The little wild flower was amazed.It says to the epiphyllum, “You are the most beautiful flower in the world. You are loved by gods and men. I envy you for your fragrance and your pretty colors.”The epiphyllum answers, “Little wild flower, I am but a flash in the pan, waiting for countless days.”Yes, epiphyllum is beautiful, but also short, but in order to shine at this moment, epiphyllum needs to take root in the soil, and strive to absorb adequate water and nutrition, to be able to bloom.Behind the momentary amazing bloom, it is often silently brewing day after day, year after year.The child, grace and luxuriant need strength, and the person with strength is silently cultivated, just for enviable charm and elegance.As Grandma Bing Xin described in “Stars · Spring Water” : “Successful flowers, people only admire her present mingyan!But at the beginning of her bud, soaked with tears of struggle, full of blood rain of sacrifice.”In the Antarctic, penguins in the sea face a huge challenge if they want to land.Because penguins are bulky, have no forearms or wings to fly, and the Antarctic continent’s land and water contact is all slippery ice, or sharp ice.So how do penguins get out of the water?By flapping its wings in the water, it makes itself swim faster in the water and uses inertia to rush out of the water.To be more specific, in fact, penguins will suddenly lower their heads when they are about to go ashore, dive into the water from the sea, dive to the appropriate depth, with the help of the pressure and buoyancy generated by the sea, and then swing their feet, rapidly upward, jump into the air, and successfully land on the land.Penguins from diving bottom to leaping ashore, this is an animal instinct, seemingly clumsy but effective.This kind of deep dive is a kind of wisdom, is accumulated gradually, is persistent perseverance and courage not afraid of difficulties.No submergence, no outbreak;No precipitation, no strength.Children, success needs to accumulate, need to accumulate precipitation, only do a brave diving penguin, in order to reach the other side of success.Bamboo is an amazing creature.In the first four years of growth, it grew a mere three centimeters.But from the fifth year on, it grows at a rate of 30 centimeters a day, reaching 15 meters in just six weeks.In fact, it seems that the bamboo, which did not grow in the previous four years, put all its efforts into the underground and extended its roots.In five years, it has spread its roots hundreds of square meters into the soil.So much preparation, can produce such an amazing miracle.This is known as the bamboo law.The same is true in life and work. Don’t worry about not being rewarded for your current efforts. In fact, all your efforts are for taking root.Have to pay will have harvest, have to pay in return for achievement.Children, success is never by chance, you need to have a steady responsibility, persistent determination.Life is important in adhere to, difficult to adhere to, adhere to, your accumulation over a long period of time, will become others.A while back, there were two schools that went viral.Zhejiang University students queue up for nucleic acid tests, holding books in the cold wind, some students even carry on their unfinished study tasks directly with their computers.Concern WeChat public number: maternal and infant classroom online today to learn more about parenting, parents, all efforts to protect children grow up henan xinzheng experimental school students, orderly ground lined up, everyone consciously hold the hands of the book, their eyes are on the book, as if this is not doing the nucleic acid, is an early read.Today online mother and child class, learn more parenting knowledge, parenthood, all efforts to protect the growth of children netizens have been feeling: become excellent students are for a reason.Yes, no pains, no gains, no achievement does not need to pay efforts, no one’s luck can come from nothing.Behind the outstanding students are silent persistence and a high degree of self-discipline.Only perseverance, only self-discipline to the extreme, can have a open life.Just as a saying goes: “Life is doomed to go far by talent and intelligence alone. Only self-discipline is the most stable chance of victory in one’s hands and the favor of success.”Writer Lee Sang-ryong once said, “True stability is being weak after experiencing the world. If you try to hide yourself before you have seen the world, you will end up as a frog in a well.”Son, you said you just wanted to live a happy, ordinary life without achieving anything great.Of course, if we can live an ordinary life, it is even a happy thing to celebrate.But the world is cruel, no one is not in the crack of this fierce competition in the difficult survival.There is a saying: you don’t work hard, even the bottom of the qualifications are not.Every cause has an effect, and every choice has a price.You’re likely to regret in the future why you backed out so easily.The biggest regret in the world is that I could have.Son, being willing to be ordinary is a good state of mind, but it doesn’t mean you can indulge your desires, you can not work hard.Now you have not tried to choose to lie down, this is to live up to the young, but also to the future injury.My son, I will allow you not to be excellent, but I will not allow you not to work hard, indulge yourself.There will be many trials ahead, but hard work and discipline are the weapons that will keep you moving forward.Kid, come on, don’t give up easily!