Notice of Dongchangfu District of Liaocheng City on the management of worm-sweeping service during Tomb-sweeping Day in 2022

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Notice on the management of mourning services during Tomb-Sweeping Day in 2022 Leading groups (headquarters) of all towns (streets), members of leading groups (headquarters) of Dongchangfu District Committee, and relevant departments and units of The district: Currently, domestic epidemics occur frequently in multiple places, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is grim and complex;As the Qingming Festival holiday approaches, there will be more movement of people and gathering activities, adding to uncertainties in epidemic prevention and control.In order to prevent the occurrence of imported or clustered epidemic diseases caused by the mass mourning activities on Tomb-sweeping Day and effectively protect the safety and health of the people, the following matters concerning the management of the mourning services during the Tomb-sweeping Day in 2022 are hereby notified:1. From now on, all funeral homes, cemeteries, urns and other funeral service sites in Dongchang Prefecture, which are prone to mass gathering, will suspend mass activities such as on-site veneration, and the resumption time will be further notice.Second, the masses by civil affairs department of shandong province’s official website, shandong WeChat login number public methods such as shandong martyrs cloud platform (, to carry out free online martyrs.Non-field worship is adopted to meet the needs of relatives to mourn the dead, express their grief and remember their ancestors.3. During the Tomb-sweeping Day, the regulations on epidemic prevention and control should be strictly implemented, and activities such as mourning and dining should be avoided to minimize the gathering of people.Iv. All towns (streets) should conduct a comprehensive investigation of cemeteries and urns within their jurisdiction, carry out a special inspection on the safety of Tomb-sweeping day ceremonies according to the epidemic prevention and control situation, consolidate safety responsibilities, strengthen the safety management of scattered rural public welfare cemeteries and historical burial sites, and prohibit on-site ceremonies and open fire ceremonies.Party members, cadres, public servants and village (community) workers should take the lead in setting good examples.Residents should actively mobilize their relatives not to return to their hometowns for the time being.Advocate large funeral service organizations to provide valet service.Tomb-sweeping, in the mind.In order to protect the health and safety of you and others, please understand, support and cooperate with us to win the battle against the epidemic.Office of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic Operation of the District CPC Central Committee March 29, 2022If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: