Party flag flying high in the emergency line

2022-08-01 0 By

Xinhua TV network news (correspondent Liu Yanan) February 1 afternoon, the lunar New Year’s day, the cold wave continues to surge, the sky under the freezing rain mixed with snow sand, people are immersed in the festive atmosphere, Shaodong City Liuze town sewage treatment plant suddenly came from the mine drainage pipe blockage, in need of personnel support for help.Dai Zhizhen, director of the Bureau of Urban Housing and Urban-rural Development, received the news of help and quickly dispatched the city water company to support the rescue.Water company manager Luo Xiaogang organized the maintenance department, installation team of party members and volunteers and professional technical personnel a total of 22 people, led by the manager assistant Zhou Hui and Ning Bin, the second day at 7 am more than rushed to the scene.The rescue team carried on the investigation and analysis of the scene situation, because the old sewage pipeline has been seriously blocked by mineral crystallization, temporarily unable to dredging, with sprinkler pumping can not be timely drainage, the situation is very serious, must install a new emergency pipeline to solve the problem of sewage overflow.As soon as the plan was formulated, more than 20 party members volunteers were immediately divided into five groups, braving the biting wind and icy rain and snow, and began construction at once.Their enthusiasm was not deterred by the mud and sub-zero temperatures at the construction site.In order to resume normal operation as soon as possible, they braved the snow at noon to eat instant noodles and fast food at the construction site to satisfy their hunger, and resumed work.Liu Shudi, deputy mayor in charge of environmental protection work, And Huang Xiangtian, director of Shaodong Branch of Shaoyang Ecological environment Bureau, visited the scene to supervise, which further encouraged morale.After 12 hours of hard work, 1,500 meters of emergency pipeline was pulled open.Volunteers of the city water company gave up the good time to gather together with friends and family, always keep in mind the mission of party members, brave the cold rescue, ensure the normal discharge of sewage, the party flag flying high in the emergency line.