Shougang big platform out successfully!Foreign media: ‘Snow flying’ helps Athletes fly in Winter Olympics

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Chinese freestyle skier Gu Ailing won her first Gold medal of the Winter Olympics with a stunning third jump on the Shougang platform this morning.The wonderful live broadcast of the event also let more people know and know shougang ski jump.Participants from many countries said that the shougang platform is the best place to skate and will help them successfully fly.The New York Times reported that the most eye-catching venue of the Beijing Winter Olympics is located in the old industrial area of western Beijing, where the soaring jumps used for aerial skiing are set against the backdrop of four 70-meter-high cooling towers.Shougang Ski Big Jump is the only moguls venue in the downtown area of Beijing Winter Olympics and the first permanent big jump venue in the world.The curve design of shougang platform is inspired by the “flying apsaras” in Dunhuang fresco.The flexible curve of flying ribbon is similar to the movement track of the Big jump athlete, and the word “flying sky” and “Big Air” both mean jumping into the Air, so shougang Ski Big jump is also called “snow flying sky”.The Associated Press reports that the shuttered steel mills have sent Olympic skiers soaring into the sky.”It feels like we’re in the mountains,” said Olivier Munusson of Sweden.’The sprawling old Shougang factory has been transformed into a beautiful urban oasis,’ the article said.Rusting machinery remains, but the space is filled with lawns, glass ponds and plenty of greenery.One of the blast furnaces was renovated and turned into a steampunk-style event space with shops, commercial offices and a museum.There are also facilities for athletes to train in short track speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey and curling.The Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee is even in the park.”I think it would be really cool if venues like this could continue to spread around the world,” U.S. freestyle skier Nicholas Gooper said.”It will bring skiing closer to the public.”The shougang platform may be the best idea for the Beijing Winter Olympics, USA Today commented.Mathilde Gremaud of Switzerland, who will compete in the women’s freestyle final on Tuesday, said: “It’s really cool to have a venue where you can be close to the spectators.””You can even come in wearing sneakers.””It was incredible, the field was crazy,” said Norway’s Bilk Rood, who had the best time in the men’s qualifying round.”The Shougang platform is definitely cool in the stadium atmosphere,” said Darian Stevens, the only American to reach the women’s final.”I think it’s going to be epic to race here,” said Alexander Hall, one of three U.S. medal favorites.”Ski jumping has come a long way in the last few years.When you have such a good venue, such good jumps and people encouraging each other to do well, it just naturally happens.””We’re all going to do our best to perform the greatest magic we’ve ever done,” said Colby Stevenson, an American athlete.”We are very lucky to have such a good venue.”Zhao Jiahao source: