Spring Festival in Zhangye (The sixth day of the first month)

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Location: Zhangye Time: February 6, 2022 (the sixth day of the Chinese New Year) the first snow in the year of the Tiger, later than the year of the Ox.Six days have passed since the year of the Ox, and the first snow of the Year of the Tiger has arrived late.On the morning of the sixth day of the lunar New Year, the weather was gloomy, gray, with floating dust, as if to blow the appearance of sandstorms.In previous years, sandstorms occurred after the start of spring.Spring comes, the land frozen for a year melts, and the dust rises up under the northwest wind, forming the sandstorm.Wind from hexi corridor, sand from Ejina, this is the characteristics of the northwest sandstorm.Guazhou in the west of hexi Corridor is the wind reservoir of the world.Badain Jaran in Ejina is a vast desert.I thought there would be a sandstorm, but instead of a sandstorm, there was snow.Outside the window, snow, snow flying all over the sky.Put on your coat and scarf and go out.When the weather is fine, I don’t like to go out. When I go out at the moment, I am not drunk. I care about shooting snow scenery.There were few people on the streets.The trees on both sides of the street were covered with snow.When people describe the scene of pear blossom, they like to use “suddenly like a night spring breeze, thousands of trees pear blossom”;In fact, this poem is not about pear flowers, but about trees covered by snow overnight. It is about snow scenery.Walking in the snow, don’t have a feeling in my heart.Along with the street, there is another interest in the mirror.One is better than all;Send some pictures of zhangye snow scene, enjoy with everyone.