Stick a door, that is New Year

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Cutting paper, smashing, coloring…Yu Hongzheng, the inheritor of the Juxian Pass-through paper, a national intangible cultural heritage, is leading students to explain the history and making techniques of pass-through paper and demonstrate the process of making it.In a short time, a piece of ordinary colored paper in a moment of her cutting, gradually turned into a beautiful paper-cut work.Pasting “Fu” or “Spring Festival couplets” is a standard way to celebrate the Spring Festival.But in Shandong province, to juxian county as a representative of some counties and cities, the Spring Festival paste “door paper” is also the tradition of every family during the Spring Festival.”Money comes through the door, falls through the door, and lands on the ground.”The traditional gate paper is about a foot long, about seven inches wide, with patterns in the middle, hollow surface with square hole money grain, swastika grain, water ripple, etc., under the spikes.Each set of 5 or 6, different colors.Because it has a good meaning, when the Spring Festival comes, the door slip and Spring Festival couplets are posted on the door lintels by every family.As the breeze blows, colorful door slips flip in the wind, adding to the already lively festive atmosphere.As a national intangible Heritage project “Juxian Guomenjian” municipal representative inheritor, Juxian Second Middle School art teacher Yu Hong took over the baton from her parents, so that this ancient art, which can only be seen during the Spring Festival in the past, has a new production process and form of expression, glowing with vitality.”I have passed on the production of door pads for four generations.I grew up watching my father make door paper, and I thought it was common at that time, and I was not too interested.But my father always told me that this is the treasure of the older generation and must be passed on.”Yu Hong recalled.In Yu Hong’s workshop, the vast space is arranged into a colorful world by her paper-cut works. You can not only see the traditional door notes, but also see various patterns of paper-cut with the characteristics of The Times.At this time, the door is not only an ornament that only exists during the Spring Festival, but has evolved into a piece of art bearing one party’s culture.The reporter sees, Yu Hong’s creation tool has a lot, light carving knife has 20 or 30.”The entrance notes are all multicoloured paper-cuts. She chisels out the large outline first, then changes the carving knife to cut the fine part of the picture, and then uses scissors to cut the fine goblin.”Say, she picked up a piece of colored paper to demonstrate for reporters.She picked up a small pair of scissors and flew them over the paper. In two or three minutes, a delicate paper was finished.Reporters learned that in recent years, the Juxian local government has strengthened guidance and policy support for the project.Through the mining of color, overprint, plate and other traditional crafts, various new styles have been produced for promotion, and the old craft-hand artists have been organized to drive relatives, neighbors and the whole village to increase the radiation surface, so as to promote the rapid improvement of crafts.Also through holding art festivals, paper-cut competitions, folk art performances and other activities, to evaluate the outstanding, encourage and praise the “menjian” artists, the folk art form continues to carry forward.Disclaimer: The above content is transferred from other media, the relevant information is only for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not represent the views of this website, nor does it mean that this website agrees with its views or confirms the authenticity of its content.If the manuscript copyright units or individuals do not want to be published in this network, you can contact this network, this network can be immediately removed according to the situation.