DNF: Magic Wars 3.0 gear is coming!Ghost warrior to return to the world?2 major restrictions to jam

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What is the most popular piece of armor in all the versions?The haunter sleeve must be one of them!The ghost cover was 85~86 version of the strongest defense, under the accumulation of super high dark intensity, dark attribute white characters can maximize the damage, even light soldiers, blind men with light attribute attack of the occupation, but also with their figure.And as the first red eye of the country xu Xu baby, is to the end of the 90 version upgrade B set to replace it, you can imagine how strong the ghost set.In terms of the most popular and promoted strong dispersion, magic shoulder is certainly the no. 1, magic shoulder in 86 version was all the rage, and the birth of many very strong schools, such as sword soul in the ghost warrior, exorcism of the Z fighter, roaming jump X flying fish and so on.The soul of the sword in the ghost warrior the most cow force, with A real man, hand rub light equipment, plus the pile to 15 level after the ghost, A flat A can second days second, very abnormal, the soul of the sword has this equipment is not A career, at the same time, this is the soul of the sword can be called magic version of god.100 version of the magic war set resurrected after the fall of the magic war shoulder, 90 version of the jacket under the belt -32% CD, in the case of the collocation of time and space shoulder + dragon jewelry + noble title +CD medicine, can be composed of unlimited CD, at the same time ultra-high three speed bonus, and random recovery function CD5 sets for moving brick party, is the best equipment,It wasn’t until version 95 that it all fell apart.However, after the 100 version, planning to use the transformation equipment gather magic Vortex will be “resurrected”, the transformation of 5 stages can also increase 40% of the attack, but because the foundation is too low, or worse than the graduation outfit, and can not be used as a graduation set.However, after Yin Ming pushed petrochemical set, MP set, berserker set in version 110, followed by the launch of similar magic set type of flat X set.This equipment mainly increase the ordinary fire damage, one of the “black helmets” shoulder very abnormal condition, basic attacks, jumping, dash, hit has a 10% chance of causing damage increased by 500%, and 1% damage increases damage by 1000% and increases greatly improve attack damage, so does that mean in the ghost soldiers will be back on the streets?Limit 2 has been stuck in fact is not!First of all, in addition to the unharmonious magic shoulder base proficiency can increase by 3 times the general attack, the most important thing is that in the ghost can pile up to level 15, now in the ghost has mandatory level 1 proficiency, plus the Chinese characteristics of the pearl attack damage is higher, so in the ghost can not pile up.Secondly, with the change of the version, the gap between flat X and skill has become bigger and bigger. If you test the damage of drawing knife and A in the training field, you will find that you need to play dozens to more than 20 to catch up, unlike the previous flat X damage and skill gap is too outrageous.Overall, though, the emergence of the attack flow to the sword in the soul return to ghost warriors of hope, but ghost warrior can only learn in grade 1, plus two limits of spell damage this difference is too big and have the sword in the soul to return to hope to douse the ghost soldiers, this equipment is only suitable for use as a toy, the clothes is not suitable for life at the same time, if you don’t like the 86 version several flat die monster X seconds,That’s not very useful to the player.