Dalian Coast Police bureau successfully disposed of a fishing boat fire incident in changhai sea area to save millions of yuan of economic losses

2022-08-02 0 By

On February 25, dalian Coast Police bureau successfully handled a fishing boat fire incident in changhai Ocean Island waters, saving millions of yuan of economic losses for fishermen.The fishing boat liaotan Yu 26486 caught fire at around 3 am On May 25 at the anchorage of Haiyang Island port in Changhai County. The crew of the boat quickly called for help from the dalian Coast Guard.After receiving the call for help, the ship of dalian Coast Police Bureau in Liaoning province rushed to the area where the incident occurred.When the ship arrived at the scene, it found that the fishing boat’s cab, engine room, deck and many other places were on fire, and the fire was obvious and accompanied by strong black smoke.Maritime police officers immediately judge that the fire has spread to the fuel tank on board, and has ignited the remaining fuel on board, there will be the possibility of deflagration at any time.As the fishing boat was also on fire near the docking of several fishing boats back to port for rest, if the fire continues to spread, the consequences will be unimaginable.For this purpose, the coast guard law enforcement officer decided, the rapid organization personnel soldier multiplexing, on the one hand, organize personnel on board at the same time more than use fire hoses fire extinguish and cooling was carried out on the hull, to prevent the possibility of deflagration, on the other hand ships and fishermen near organization quickly evacuated to safety, ensure that ships fire the fire will not endanger the surrounding fishing boats.In the process of fire fighting, there are many dead spots on the fishing boat on fire that can not be taken into account by fire water cannon. According to the fire situation on the spot, the law enforcement officers of the coast police quickly organize personnel to board the burning boat and use fire extinguishers to extinguish the open fire at the dead spot.After nearly 3 hours of efforts, the fishing boat fire was finally under control, the fire of the fishing boat was extinguished.After the fire was extinguished, in order to prevent the fire from flaring again, the coast guard law enforcement officers continued to organize personnel to use fire water guns to cool down the engine room, deck and other important parts of the fishing boat on fire, and carefully checked the cabins, decks and cabins to ensure that there was no hidden danger of flaring again.Due to the timely disposal, the fire did not cause casualties, to the maximum extent to ensure the area of the people’s lives and property safety.At present, Dalian Coast Police Bureau in Liaoning province is carrying out the special law enforcement action of “Protecting the Sea 2022” to ensure the harmonious and stable order of the city’s maritime production and operation.The Dalian Coast Police Bureau of Liaoning province reminds fishermen to timely check the equipment on board, replace the aging circuit, and pay attention to the safety of production and operation. If you are in trouble at sea, please call 95110 for help.