Dongguan traffic police tip: Please do not occupy the emergency lane

2022-08-02 0 By

Emergency lane is the rescue channel on the highway, but also the life channel!According to item 4 of Article 82 of regulations on the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, a motor vehicle running on the expressway shall not have any of the following behaviors: running or stopping in the emergency lane in non-emergency situations.When a motor vehicle is running on the expressway, it is not allowed to run or stop in the emergency lane unless it is in an emergency.The so-called emergency situation has two kinds: one is the motor vehicle accident or fault really need to stop and wait for rescue, can be parked in the emergency lane.Two is for police cars, fire engines, ambulances, engineering emergency vehicles in the implementation of the use of emergency tasks.2. What are the hazards of occupying the emergency lane?First, delay the emergency rescue time occupying the emergency lane, will cause the rescue and other emergency tasks of the vehicle blocked, unable to timely arrive at the scene to deal with the accident, emergency evacuation, dredging, rescue the wounded, resulting in road congestion, and even cause the wounded and patients due to not timely treatment and death of serious consequences.Two, aggravating road congestion when the current side of the traffic accident or encountered more slowly driving, some drivers in the emergency lane and lane back and forth through, plug, constantly changing lines, interference with normal traffic flow, increase the degree of traffic congestion.Three, easy to cause accidents in some vehicles on the highway failure, not according to the provisions of the danger indicator light and set up a warning sign in the specified distance, but directly parked in the emergency lane maintenance;Some drivers will stop at random on the emergency lane to rest when they are tired.The above behaviors easily make the vehicles in the same direction unable to judge the situation ahead, resulting in accidents.3, when waiting for rescue in the emergency lane, you should take these measures!If a motor vehicle has a traffic accident or breakdown, and it is really necessary to stop temporarily in the emergency lane, it shall use the danger alarm flash lamp in accordance with the provisions, and set up a warning sign 150 meters from the direction of the coming vehicle to remind the rear vehicle to pay attention to safety;In weather such as night, rain and fog, the outline lamp, taillight and rear fog lamp shall be switched on at the same time;Other personnel must evacuate to the safety area, if necessary, please timely call the highway alarm phone, request assistance.