How to choose a gift for Valentine’s Day, a high-toned digital gift for your boyfriend

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Today, I am still talking with my bestie about valentine’s Day gifts. Although there is still some time before Valentine’s Day, it is really time to prepare!Think of there must be many and bestie are preparing gifts, I feel like writing such an article, to help the baby can choose a real surprise boyfriend gift, easy to dig the treasure high appearance level of the minority gift.In this article, Wan Xi initiated a poll about the gifts men want to receive for Valentine’s Day. Hundreds of people participated in the poll, so this article can be said to be very instructive, hand in hand to teach you to his heart.First, the South Carolina Runner Pro3 bone conduction headphones still have some disadvantages when using the traditional in-ear headphones during exercise. Not only can they not quickly perceive the surrounding environment, but also the ears will feel raw pain after a long time, so bone conduction headphones are a better choice in the field of sports.South Carolina Runner Pro3 bone conduction headphone, in new AF all vibration directivity oscillator on the basis of the enhanced stereo feeling by grammy listening again after 2 years time for bone conduction headphone special way of listening, create a more suitable for the tuning scheme of bone conduction, eventually creating the three-dimensional effect of cranial cavity quality, bone conduction also can have a good sound quality,Develop your athletic potential.In terms of configuration, South Carolina Runner Pro3 also has built-in 16G body memory, supports IPX8 waterproof, and is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2. As the core technology of Bluetooth audio equipment, Bluetooth 5.2 has greatly improved the product’s various function experience, with lower delay and stronger anti-interference ability, which can reduce the occurrence of Bluetooth disconnection by 87%.2. YESOUL Fascia gun can relieve fatigue after exercise or working for a long time.The nice thing about this fascia gun is that it has active noise reduction, so it’s very quiet and not awkward to use.The net weight of the fuselage is only about 380g, which is easy to carry.1 speed soft mode, 2 speed standard mode, 3 speed strong mode, suitable for various scenes, use it to relieve fatigue before going to sleep faster and more fragrant.The year of the Tiger gift box includes a humidifier, a tap light, a wireless charging pad and a Bluetooth speaker.Touch the texture is also good, patting the lamp is very sensitive, a clap on the light, the night will never touch the dark.And the humidifier, the fog is fine and quiet, won’t disturb sleep.Wireless charging, more convenient, directly put on the line, worry!A mobile phone that supports unlimited charging and can be charged directly by placing it on it.Isn’t it cute and super practical?Four, Westinghouse cervical massage machine keyboard code word, play games, bow to brush drama, our cervical spine every day we will be “abuse” countless times, over time, it is easy to muscle strain, cervical spine forward posture, and even may cause cervical disease.The Westinghouse Cervical massage machine has 24 built-in massage beads that are arranged in a three-dimensional way to mimic the layout of the fingers.Big kneading beads like big fingers deep press on the neck, small kneading beads simulate other fingers kneading massage;Forward kneading dredges the meridians, reverse massage stretches the muscles and veins, can easily take away the fatigue of the whole day.K8 Mechanical keyboard Boys love mechanical keyboards just like girls love them.Kyo-tokyo’s mechanical keyboard, produced in collaboration with Keychron, has become a hit on YouTube.The K8 uses an 87-key keyboard sequence that is typically found on laptops.Narrow frame design style is used in the design, and slight slope design is also made on the side, which will not feel tired after using for a long time.Support bluetooth and wired connection, bluetooth battery life up to 80 hours;It also supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.Six, when the bay D3X projector here is not only a gift, two people can use, with the projector, two people can eat snacks at home while watching movies on the sofa, isn’t it very interesting?Donbei D3X uses black and white color matching, simple yet advanced.Small size, outdoor travel can also carry.Picture quality is not worse than the cinema, reduction degree is very high, sound quality stereo, as if in the cinema.It also has an autocorrect function, which makes it easy to use even if you can’t tune it, because it will autofocus.Nanka in the field of bone conduction can be said to play understand, this small speaker under the pillow is using the principle of bone conduction, next we talk about its function, of course, the most signboard is its bone conduction function.I don’t know if you have insomnia, that kind of taste is really very uncomfortable, whenever I can’t sleep at night, I think about listening to music, but the phone in that place is not interesting, put on the left or right to hear the voice is not balanced, put under the pillow voice is not placed next to hear the sound quality is good.This shows the importance of bone conduction. If you put it under the pillow, you can transmit sound through the pillow. No matter what sleeping position you are in, you can hear the music.