Hudson became the savior again, Shandong high-speed men’s basketball narrowly beat Guangsha, inside play into the key to victory

2022-08-02 0 By

The 2021-2022 CBA regular season continued yesterday, for the season of unstable Shandong high-speed men’s basketball team, the game is to strive for victory, the playoff position is in jeopardy, relying on the luck goddess and opponents of the uneven advantage of the lineup, in the case of interior attack as the main guidance,It was a late effort by Harrow to pull off an extremely difficult win and keep the team in the playoffs.First: Hudson overall downturn, but big heart achievements shandong high-speed men’s basketball.Throughout the game, Hudson’s play is not very good, but at the last moment, especially in the key moment of chasing points and stabilizing the situation, Hudson still played his own efficient help shandong high-speed men’s basketball team struggled for the whole game to get what they want.Hudson won’t continue the onset of the team and the construction of basketball contest, should fully recognize the critical moment no one can trust problems, solve this problem, one is to make the Hudson in normal time, as far as possible, keep enough rest time, two are tactically or go to play its inside advantage in normal time,Keep Hudson’s physical strength intact for the magic play in the final quarter.Three are the role players of the team to grow up quickly, especially in the critical moment to dare to take shots and take responsibility, only the above three can ensure the team to create more ways to win.Second: Xu Changsuo insists on changing, do a good job in the control of every detail.In the game’s forecast, xiaobian once suggested that the team should stick to the interior playing style, play more positions and reduce the success rate to give Guangzhou team quick counterattack opportunities, while maintaining the scoring efficiency on the court.From the process of the game, Xu Changsuo is also to take the basic positional warfare – based play.The number of offensive possessions in 83 rounds is the normal of Shandong high-speed men’s basketball team this season. After Xu Changsuo took office, the team has become the team with the slowest pace of attack and defense and the least number of possessions.This is a completely different pace from the previous seasons of The Shandong High-speed men’s basketball team led by Gong Xiaobin, which is the main reason why Gao shiyan’s loan was not recognized by the current coach.Therefore, the team’s results this season can not be completely blamed on xu Changsuo’s incompetence, the current team is still relying on gong Xiaobin’s tactical system based on personnel collocation, Xu Changsuo took office and did not leave enough room for operation.This may be the fundamental reason why Xu changsuo does not approve of fan evaluation.Third: cliff side of high-speed men’s basketball, there is no way back.Last season’s final four, let shandong high-speed men’s basketball fans full of expectations for the team, and this season’s sluggish performance, distance from the playoffs is undoubtedly a piece of stone pressure in Xu Changsuo and high-speed group.If the season can not play in the playoffs, the first unbearable must be high-speed group, in need of responsibility, the only feasible plan is to change the coach, xu Changsuo is well aware of this, so in the game was excessive consumption of Tao Hanlin did not dare to rotate the core players.And from the recent game, Xu Changsuo has clearly let go, no longer for the sake of results and excessive use of Tao Hanlin and hit gong Xiaobin’s legitimate players.Hopefully, without pressure, Xu Changsuo can quickly find a satisfactory result for fans.To sum up: the win over guangzhou was a good thing to relieve the pressure on the team, but it wasn’t an easy win in terms of the course of the game, both due to the disorganization of the opposing team and the sudden explosion of Hudson.Hopefully, in the future, Xu Changsuo can better polish the team, so that the team can maintain a winning rhythm to complete the rest of the game.Only into the playoffs, Xu Changsuo can smooth landing.