Shijiazhuang Outlander limited time special offer 20,000 yuan, welcome to appreciate

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The Lantern Festival at the beginning of the circle, lantern riddles eat dumplings!Lucky draw, gift certificates, and super subsidies!Gac Mitsubishi together with three platforms official mall, Tianmeow, JINGdong test drive car send!Hebei Jiaxin pure electric SUV ATuke!Two new versions of Outlander have arrived!Present car present!!The campaign is real and effective!Refuse routine, country and quality!Available white, brown special two cars!If you ask, you can enjoy the original gift of 98 yuan.The whole system of preferential to high 30,000, loan 2-3 interest-free, 5 years of super bottom interest and other financial programs, 10,000 yuan can drive away the car.Old with new introduction can get 50000 points, more enjoy 1680 yuan gift package!Replacement subsidy to high 5000 yuan, professional used car appraiser to give you advice!Complimentary car enjoy three years of free unlimited traffic!Free routine maintenance for life!Only for sales, the whole department has 2 special cars (staff purchase price), the car is cash!Car is the beginning of the car, Hebei Jiaxin 20 old shop, credibility first, 365 days of after-sales service, 24 hours of rescue telephone, more imported special testing equipment.We are one of the largest SUV sales enterprises in Hebei Province!Shijiazhuang City north second ring and build huabei Street intersection of international automobile trade park!: 17073405542 Obsidian version has arrived!Present car present!!Before the Spring Festival car countdown, the end of the sales!Buy a car to send 3800 buy a car gift package!The campaign is real and effective!Rejected routines, countries and quality, the end of the impulse, more than 10 special car car cash!Promotion time from February 18, 2022 to February 20, 2022 Outlander latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Shijiazhuang quotation 2.4L four-wheel drive to enjoy 5 seats 194,800 yuan 22,174,800 yuan 2.4L four-wheel drive to enjoy the version7 198800 yuan to 20000 yuan, 178800 yuan 2.4 L 4 x4 to honour version 7 225800 yuan to 20000 yuan, 205800 yuan two 2.0 L displacement obsidian dynamic version 5 175800 yuan to 10000 yuan, 165800 yuan 2.4 L 4 x4 telecom dynamic version2.0-L 2-drive free version 5 blocks 2.0-L 2-drive free version 5 blocks 172,800 yuan 2.0-L 2-drive free versionThe seven blocks are 176,800 yuan, 2,700 yuan, 156,800 yuan