A Review of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala

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The central radio and television reception desk 2022 Spring Festival gala is the 40th day television gala, since 1983, Spring Festival gala in abide by nature, stick to the basis of beginner’s mind, continuously forge ahead, bold innovation, insist on the party programme, culture, art direction at the same time, also in the program form, creative ideas, production technology, aspects and so on propagation mode actively explore,It has become a collective memory engraved deep in the DNA of the Chinese nation.With the theme of “Welcome to Spring on a New Journey, Ode to Joy in the Chinese New Year”, the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala reviews the concerns of the Chinese people in the past year, kicking off the New Year and sounding the clarclaron for the start of a new journey to comprehensively build a modern socialist country.The 2022 Spring Festival Gala of the China Media Group will carry the concept of “integration” throughout the whole evening, providing the national audience with a cultural feast of ideology, artistry and appreciation, and providing a qualified answer for the in-depth integration practice of the country’s new mainstream media.On New Year’s Eve, after the New Year’s Eve dinner, the whole family gathered in front of THE TV to watch the Spring Festival Gala. When receiving and sending New Year’s greetings through wechat, they might happen to see an eye-catching red reminder mark of “Spring Festival Gala” in the column of “Live Broadcast” in “Discovery”.This is the new cross-screen interactive live experience of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala — “Watching the Gala vertically”.Vertical screen watch Spring Festival gala is CCTV for the first time in the history of the mobile terminal of the Spring Festival gala broadcast mode, in order to adapt to the era of mobile Internet users viewing habits, also meet the needs of different users in the scene synchronous watch Spring Festival gala, at the same time the live webcast forwarding, sharing and barrage is extending the social attribute of the Spring Festival gala,People can not only comment and create the content of the Spring Festival Gala in wechat group or Weibo as before, but also interact in the live broadcast room in real time, share their interesting ideas, harvest moved, and regularly “grab” the “benefits” sent by the live broadcast room.In addition, the “vertical screen watch Spring Festival gala” is not merely the “landscape”, “vertical” or “capture”, but 5 vertical screen exclusive ticket reservation has been set up, using the vertical screen audio-visual language to program presents in front of the audience, the phone’s screen can produce relatively narrow screen similar to “play” the effect of network, enlarge the details in the program, will lead to show the main part of the audience’s attention,Thus enhancing the immersion and communication power of the program content.Since “viewing the Spring Festival Gala vertically” is the first attempt in China, and most of the programs of the Spring Festival Gala are group performances, how to better adapt the live broadcast of large variety shows and vertical transmission is still facing many challenges.Live in nervous state, how the lens reasonable switch, how comfortable the best composition, also need to vertical screen directs the team after the battle, in the future when vertical screen live broadcast of the party, along with the accumulation of experience and technology, not paragraph to improve the skills, really “big panorama, vertical screen features, domestic heavy overall, vertical panel details” screen as the size of the interaction, the perfect expression.It can be said that the new mode of “viewing the Gala in vertical screen” of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala is an excellent practice of deep media integration. It goes beyond the simple and immediate participation of audiences in the past, when they watch TV with their mobile phones simultaneously “shaking”, and truly realizes cross-screen interaction between TV terminal and mobile terminal, realizing multi-scene communication.The integration of traditional art and intelligent technology The relationship between art and technology has always been the focus of attention of art creators. Good works are often the product of the organic integration of the two. New technology will give birth to new art forms, and old art forms can also glow with new vitality under the new technology.The 2022 Spring Festival Gala of THE China Media Group is a model of the integration of art and technology in domestic art shows, especially the song and dance shows, which use new media technologies to enhance the performance of actors, enrich the form of the show, deepen the meaning of the show, and form an immersive experience.Dance poem drama “only this green” using XR, holographic scanning and other new media technology, “Thousands of miles of Rivers and Mountains” projection around the studio, 360 degrees around the audience, making the scene as if in the Green landscape of the Song Dynasty.Dressed in a long dress with green water sleeves and a flying cloud bun on the top of her head, the dancers use zen dance movements such as waiting, watching the moon, thinking, walking alone, steep peaks, and lying stones to show the grand and delicate contained in the picture of Thousands of Rivers and Mountains incisively and vividly, which is elegant and gentle.After enjoying “The Only Green” of “Thousands of Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala brought the audience into the ink landscape of “Fuchun Mountain Dwelling” through the creative music, dance, poetry and painting program “Memory of Jiangnan”.In the scene of ink and wash paintings rendered by 3D animation, holography and other technologies, actors in ancient costumes sing or dance, or sing or chant, presenting classical poems one after another.The simple and elegant, quiet picture, the combination of the virtual and the real, fully shows the “vivid spirit” of traditional Chinese landscape painting, but also to show the ancient spirit of indifference and far-sighted.Creative dance “Golden Face”, through naked eye 3D, holographic and other technologies, will be full of mysterious, wild scenes of ancient Shu together with the studio, but also the thick, magnificent wood “planting” on the audience, so that the audience can feel the sanxingdui culture immersion.Children’s dance “Star Dream” is a dream, gorgeous stars filled the whole studio, for children full of imagination to weave a beautiful fairy tale world.It is true that while we are constantly applying new technologies to empower literary and artistic creation, we should not forget that content is still the foundation of literary and artistic works.Benefiting from the technology, the content can arouse the audience’s stronger aesthetic empathy and gain stronger aesthetic pleasure, so as to achieve the organic unity of aesthetic interest.Like this year’s Spring Festival Gala, whether “Only this green”, “Golden surface”, “Running Clouds and flowing Water”, or “Memory of Jiangnan”, “Star Dream”, have fully reflected the beauty of cultural value and artistic innovation, the integration of content and technology, formed the media landscape of the public ceremony, enhance the sense of aesthetic hierarchy, richness.The integration of the live stage and the external landscape has always been an important part of the Spring Festival Gala, which is one of the means to show the diversity of the content and form of the Spring Festival Gala.The 2022 Spring Festival Gala has gone beyond the previous mode of simultaneous broadcast in many places and made bold innovation in the program production concept. Through cutting-edge media technology, the live and outdoor scenes are integrated, and the virtual scene and the field scene are seamlessly transformed.The landscape tai chi show “Running Clouds and Flowing Water” takes four highly representative skyscrapers in Shanghai, Chongqing and Guangzhou as the stage, where three martial arts and tai chi champions practise their martial arts in the misty atmosphere, profoundly interpreting the realm of “unity of nature and man”.Snow shine in China, at the winter Olympic Games mascots ice mound mound and winter paralympic games mascot snow, under the guidance of taking in the scene of the Spring Festival gala symphony orchestra cross in the center of the national ski jumping, wukesong sports centre, shougang skiing in winter Olympic Games main venues such big platform, venues and the games are the lights of the village with rhythm in photograph reflect,Compose a symphony of time and space.Creative dance “gold surface on the actors on stage at the moment of sanxingdui relics are transferred to the Space Museum, after the actor touch the bronze stand as” live “, the audience will lead to thousands of years ago the ancient shu, dance on the historical myths and legends, and the ancients had a conversation across space and time.”Remembering The South of the Yangtze River” is transferred through the oil-paper umbrella of the live actors, bringing the audience into the picture scroll of “Living in fuchun Mountain”, which is constantly changing among rivers, mountains and pavilions, revealing the beautiful natural scenery in ancient times.Daily life and The Times as the annual arts festival, Spring Festival gala has become an integral part of the Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival, so the Spring Festival gala show content to the general common People’s Daily life is closely linked with China, must reflect the common people focus on topics and show people happy things.But at the same time, as the national mainstream media, the Spring Festival Gala shoulders the media function of reviewing the annual social hot spots, sorting out the annual construction achievements and looking into the future development direction, so it must be in step with the pulse of The Times.The language programs of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala of China Media Group continue the creative concept of the past, focusing on showing the daily life of ordinary people, but at the same time, hot topics of the past year are integrated into the program, reflecting the theme of The Times from small cuts.For example, Guo Donglin, Shao Feng and others’ sketch “The story of the rest area”, tells the story of husband and wife, but the identity of the medical workers who want to join the frontline of the epidemic, showing the real life portrayal of the epidemic workers.Jia Bing, Sha Yi et al. ‘s short piece “Giving Red Envelopes” focuses on rural migrant workers and young entrepreneurs who return home under the call of rural revitalization.Jia Ling, Zhang Xiaofei et al. ‘s short piece “Double Happiness” tells the story of conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law caused by a short video, which reflects the media ethics hidden behind the “passionate” picture of mobile short video.In addition, a short musical play called Spring In All Things Vientiane tells the story of elephants migrating northward from Yunnan province.The site of sanxingdui cultural relics release ceremony for the first time showed the newly discovered bronze mask;The appearance of the winner of “July 1 Medal” has shown the spirit of the model of The Times for the people of the whole country.After the New Year bell rang, the New Year wishes from the three astronauts on Shenzhou 13, let the whole country see the great progress of the development of the motherland’s space industry;The opening video, “Happy And Auspicious Year,” and the specially designed song “Snow and Ice Shine Chinese Year” and “Light up the Dream,” foretell the upcoming Winter Olympics.The fusion of traditional classical and modern fashion in the 40th time node, 2022 Spring Festival gala at the reception center also pay more attention to the past back, to the classical tradition, to the continuation of the mainstream, the vision of the future, familiar with the “old” faces and classic art form and return to the stage, realize the integration of traditional classical and modern fashion.Throughout the gala, it can be found that the promotion of excellent Traditional Chinese culture runs through the whole 2022 Spring Festival Gala of the Main Platform, such as “Only This Green”, “Everlasting Love in The Pear Garden”, “Running Clouds and Flowing Water”, “Breast Tiger Roaring Spring”, “Golden Face”, “Song of the Land” and “Remembering South of the Yangtze River”.Vivid display of painting, opera, martial arts, sculpture, folk songs, poetry and other traditional Chinese arts, with rich audio-visual elements, so that the excellent traditional Chinese culture on the screen.Jiang Kun and Dai Zhicheng’s “Happy Dialect” and Lu Xin and Yu Hao’s “Like Or Not” have also brought traditional crosstalk back to the gala stage.Desk at the same time, the 2022 Spring Festival gala also highlights China’s people’s yearning for a better life, keep striving for the future, to relatives and friends sincerely for the mainstream values, such as whether the Yellow River of the Yangtze river in the home and the feelings of the macro narration, or “hot pot sonata” in community life and detailed characterization, all reflect the new era of the masses of the people’s mental outlook,And the strong will to fight bravely in the new journey.In addition, the 2022 Spring Festival gala at reception, also appeared a lot of smashing the older generation artist, yuling tao, xuejian li, shao-chun Yang, shao-yun Chen, jiang kun, Yang Hongji, li gu yi returned gala legend, elegant demeanour oodles, with superb performance, improve the overall artistic level of the party, also is the escort of a new generation of art performers,It embodies the inheriting spirit of the Spring Festival Gala.Overall, in 2022 the central radio and television reception desk during the Spring Festival gala of the fusion of multiple production concept, basing on the mission and keep positive innovation, on the basis of carry forward the mainstream values, keep up the pace, depth excavation excellent Chinese traditional culture, use of new media technology, for the Chinese people in a beautiful, wonderful culture feast,It has also made a useful attempt to “tell China’s story” and spread China’s voice.