Guangxi Mobile escorts The “Journey home” for the Year of the Tiger

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As the Spring Festival approaches, those who have been wandering for a long time are even more homesick.No matter how the New Year changes, most people head in one direction — home.In the face of the challenge of population migration during the Spring Festival, China Mobile Guangxi has started the “escort mode”, using high-quality network and warm service to warm people’s way home, making the way home more “sound” and “color”.Guangxi mobile network engineers are testing the network, to provide users with quality network.In the crowded Nanning East Railway Station, Li, who is on vacation and returning to her hometown, is having a video conversation with her parents, telling them her bus number and arrival time.The smooth call screen made her look forward to the long hours spent watching TV and playing mobile games during the return trip.”It feels like the network is better and faster this year.It won’t be dull, I suppose!”She said.Behind this high quality and smooth network, Guangxi Mobile is the silent guardian.It is understood that the Spring Festival eve, guangxi movement formed many new teams to guarantee their vanguard, leisure place, double key transport hub as security, has been aimed at high-speed, high-speed and service area, traffic hub, business circle, scenic spots, and other important places for the expansion, arrange the scene security 24 hours and online monitoring attention all the way,5G information technology has also been used to facilitate epidemic prevention and control.At the same time, we will ensure pre-holiday network capacity expansion, on-site test and big data monitoring, so as to contribute to ensuring orderly travel and a safe Spring Festival.Guangxi Mobile network engineers went deep into the train and subway tunnels to expand the network, to ensure the smooth network of ordinary people during the Spring Festival travel rush.In nanning, guilin, hechi city, guangxi mobile network engineers according to the business forecast during the Spring Festival in 2021, early in the leisure place, the important transport hub, the scenic spot on comprehensive Seine screening and monitoring, and the macro standing, waiting areas surrounding the inner chamber, such as, site optimization parameters, the day of the feed, capacity and RF optimization of multiple means such as improving the quality of 4/5 g.At the same time, to avoid traffic jams during the Spring Festival, combined with the usual business and analysis of recent traffic growth, township otns network expansion and emergency plan formulation, and the scene of the opening in the debugging process to overcome the complex factors such as bad weather, the network structure, indomitable, veneer on electricity, even the fiber, the site commissioning work, ensure that the Spring Festival peak traffic network is stable and smooth.Guangxi Mobile network engineers carried out network test and optimization in beihai Buwan sea area to ensure the smooth network of passengers and returning personnel.In terms of sea and water transportation, the network personnel of Guangxi Mobile Beihai Branch set foot on the ship bound for Beihai Bay in spite of the cold wind, tested and optimized the network of the route, so as to escort the passengers and returnees to Beihai for the Spring Festival.In “the gold xijiang waterway,” said the xijiang waterway, in order to ensure to brake the communications of a ship, wuzhou mobile branch network technology personnel in xijiang region along the lock operation dispatching center in capacity assessment, the network test optimization work, increase through the temporary installation equipment capacity, security escort epidemic prevention work, ensure that the user code are correct.Whether it is the Local Spring Festival, or home reunion, Guangxi Mobile will always provide users with the warm service of “no-drop”, which is the constant commitment of mobile people to users.Guangxi mobile workers go deep into communities and villages to break the barriers of distance and build a network of “heart bridge”, so that family communication is infinite.Guangxi Mobile’s home-width engineers went into the countryside to install and open broadband TV for customers, and set up the “heart-to-heart bridge” of family affection.Some of them climbed mountains and mountains to install broadband for the old people left at home during the Spring Festival, and hand in hand to teach the elderly how to use the TV screen to video call their children far away from home.At the moment, the old man or joy blossomed, or tears, this “cloud reunion” scenes let people move.To this end, some mobile people give up the weekend rest, go through the streets, go deep into the community for returning customers to install, open broadband TV, so that people through the network reunion, and enjoy the Spring Festival gala and other wonderful programs;Some mobile people go deep into the COVID-19 quarantine sites to efficiently and high-quality complete urgent and difficult tasks such as network security and installation of surveillance cameras, which not only facilitates the monitoring and management of regulatory authorities, but also enables people returning to the quarantine sites to enjoy smooth Internet access and facilitate face-to-face communication with their families.Capital in nanning, guangxi mobile also launched a service does not close “Spring Festival” activities, more than 100 business hall in the city during the Spring Festival, 280 family wisdom engineers and 20 for customer complaint handling service personnel are as usual normal business, service, make the general public during the Spring Festival can also enjoy the business, broadband d, handling complaint handling, etc. The satisfied service,Ensure the service level is not discounted during Spring Festival.This is the third year in a row that Guangxi Mobile Nanning branch has launched the “Open Spring Festival Service” activity, in response to the government’s call for epidemic prevention and control and “Spring Festival in place” and practicing the activity of “Doing practical things for the masses”.Starlight lives on.Guangxi Mobile said that it will do a good job in the Spring Festival communication guarantee work, carefully protect returnees who are anxious to return home, with love to warm the “local Spring Festival” migrant workers, with practical actions to let people feel at ease, warm heart, comfortable and assured.