Men such as Xiao Yan Li Xingyun are growing, why tang three has not changed?No wonder they’re making fun of

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Hello, everyone. I’m Xinchen, bringing you a different perspective of Chinese animation.Although more and more Chinese comic works are introduced at a faster speed and their quality is constantly improving, we can find that almost all of these Chinese comic works tell stories led by male protagonists.Probably in the male master by the “waste” counter-attack, or the male master open invincible hand all kinds of face others routine.But whether it is men attack open hanging or all kinds of face, but it is always about men all the way to the growth of the heart.For example, and dou Luo side of the national marvel “dou break the sky”, Xiao Yan’s growth path is obvious to all, from the beginning of the young and confused should be about three years, and through their own unremitting efforts, many times will comfort themselves as a crisis, Xiao Yan gives a person the feeling is to prove that they are willing to bear hardships dare to desperately.Three years of training caused Xiao Yan not only strength by rapid progress, and its heart is also become more composed, from the three years about the plot we can see that Xiao Yan treat Naran sweet no longer had the original hatred, more is to oneself for three years since an account, a proof.We saw xiao Yan from three years about the growth of the heart, of course, he still has a long way to go, two on the Cloud LAN zong although reckless, but can see that he is a true temperament of the people, the road behind the emperor xiao Yan’s growth more considerable.Let’s talk about Li Xingyun, the hero of bad people.From the beginning of the setting, many people made fun of Li Xingyun as if she could not be helped. She was beaten and played by others.However, from the beginning of the fourth season, we can see that Li Xingyun body with more responsibility, the heart is more of the world, Miao Jiang line is the starting point of li Xingyun growth.And in the fifth season of Bad People, Li Xingyun feels like a different person.Brave and resourceful, walk the way of heaven line of bullying things, the fifth season of the finale can be said to enhance the personality of Li Xingyun to the extreme.He is no longer subject to Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang’s calculations, my fate is not by me, this is li Xingyun’s growth.However, men such as Xiao Yan and Li Xingyun are constantly growing, why tang three to all is the same?Dou Luo mainland will soon end, but we can see from the performance of Tang SAN in the play, he is what kind of person from the beginning of the story, dou a plot is still the same person set, Tang SAN from the beginning to the end is still the Same Tang SAN, he has never grown up, this may be the reason why Tang SAN was teased by many fans.Tang three origins don door, even after crossing, he still is full of the shadow of the tang door, in the act he is follow the rules of tang door is the first day of school, for example, because by the guard, tang three want to kill people, and he is, on the basis of tang door master plan: when determine each other is the enemy, as long as there is the way of death, the other is no punches.After tang three met the master, due to be found out the identity of the twin soul, in his eyes there has been the way to take death, it can be said that tang three this heart throughout the whole play dou Luo mainland has not changed from beginning to end.Compared to other Chinese men are growing up in the experience, Tang SAN is still that Tang SAN, what do you think about this small partners?I am the heart dust, the daily update of the country mantex, like my content remember one key three link oh.