Right after graduation?The Ministry of Education spread the news that some college students will be assigned jobs by the state

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With the expansion of college entrance examination and the increasing recruitment threshold of employers, many students face employment difficulties or even unemployment after graduation.More and more college students are willing to entrust themselves to more stable “iron rice bowl” jobs, such as teaching.After work out of course, but want to take an examination of work out is not an easy thing, enter oneself for an examination number is much, admit quota is little, go ashore even harder than some officeholder post.Faced with this situation, if college students are expected to directly join the staff after graduation, I believe that many college students will cheer.So is it really possible?The Ministry of Education spread news, this kind of college students or will be assigned jobs by the state, but also is expected to be directly enrolled.Let’s see if you’re among them.Are there classes of college students or will they be allocated by the state package?News from the Ministry of Education that teachers are a very good job in many people’s eyes, not only good salary, but also many holidays, the working environment is relatively simple, especially teachers with staff, basically can not worry about unemployment risk.In recent years, the increasing number of students who want to apply for the teaching system, coupled with the news that the recruitment threshold for teachers will be raised, has made many normal university students feel more pressure and uncertain about whether they will be able to become teachers in the future.In addition, the rural education gap also reflects the scarcity of rural teachers.In order to solve these problems, part of the normal university students employment security, so that more normal university students are willing to graduate to rural grassroots teaching, this kind of college students are “public expense normal university students”, after graduation in accordance with the agreement by the state allocation of jobs, more opportunities to enter the program without examination, is expected to be implemented this year.However, it is difficult to become a government-funded normal university student.Does the student want to enter oneself for an examination public expense normal school unripe need to notice what problem?In the past, only six top teachers’ colleges could recruit students at public expense. Now, many provinces and cities have begun to implement free education for local normal students. However, such students will find a narrower job in the future and can only be assigned to teach in rural areas of the province.It is worth noting that normal schools are generally approved in advance to recruit public normal students, the results of the students appear particularly important.Therefore, want to register for the public normal students, excellent results is an essential requirement.Students are also expected to fulfill their obligations in rural areas.If students want to apply for postgraduate education, they need to teach for one year according to the agreement signed at the time of admission.Public expense normal university student carries out special recruit for a job, recruit for a job school and public expense normal university student two-way choice, one of the most exciting policies among them is, make sure to be compiled into a post, namely have the opportunity to obtain business to make up directly, enjoy the working treatment of public institution.Although the reform has been carried out, the salary of non-accredited teachers is stable, but in terms of professional title promotion and length of service, it is obvious that accredited teachers are more secure.A lot of family economic conditions are not very good, the result is also very excellent students, will choose to enter oneself for an examination of public normal school students, that is because public normal school students will exempt tuition and accommodation costs.Moreover, the state also grants subsidies to normal university students living expenses, which are dynamically adjusted according to different regions, with slight differences among schools in each region.Public normal university students with excellent performance can also enjoy other non-compulsory scholarships.Enter oneself for an examination is public expense normal normal unripe good still bad?Many students feel entangled, the advantages of public teachers are obvious to all, but they have to sign the corresponding agreement to fulfill the agreement to teach in the countryside.As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch, students should be prepared to apply for the exam. If they violate the agreement, they will have to pay back tuition, accommodation and subsidies for at least four years.If students like to be teachers, want to pursue a stable job, and can face the rural education environment with a peaceful attitude, then government-funded normal university students are very worthy of students’ choice.After all, government-funded normal university students have more welfare and security than ordinary normal university students. The most important thing is to solve the problem of difficult employment for college graduates.If college students have a fighting spirit and are unwilling to limit themselves within a framework, they are not suitable for registering for public normal university students.All in all, enter oneself for an examination public expense normal normal student is good still bad, this problem varies from person to person, basically see a student whether appropriate, no matter the student chooses any profession, suit more important.Do you think it is a good idea to apply for the public normal university entrance examination?If you want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Bobo mom said education