The investigation into the case of a woman giving birth to eight children in Fengxian county was announced

2022-08-03 0 By

Recently, the ministry, provincial, municipal public security organs to the Yang man, a British light (floret mei half sister) and at a certain Dr (dead, floret mui mother) living relics for DNA testing, the results for a certain and Yang man, light the conforms to the mother-daughter relationship, combined with the survey, the organization to identify, as Yang man is floret mei.Through the investigation of public security organs, Dong Mou Min (male, 55 years old, fengxian people) suspected of the crime of illegal detention, Sang Mou Niu (female, 48 years old, Fugong County, Yunnan Province), shi Mou Zhong (male, 67 years old, Donghai county, Sang Mou niu’s husband) suspected of trafficking in women, the above three people have been taken criminal compulsory measures.In order to ensure the basic life of Yang Mou Xia and his family, fengxian civil affairs department has to their subsistence security.Education authorities implement the policy of student financial aid in accordance with laws and regulations to protect their children’s right to education.The women’s federation’s loving volunteers and town and village cadres help take care of the elderly and their children.Later, according to the handling of the case, the responsibility of guardianship of their minor children will be determined according to law.Joint Investigation Team of Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government On February 10, 2022 (source: Xuzhou Weibo)