Ci of Chu (Sanyi)

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Qu Yuan was both released, swimming in the River Pool, singing zepan, gaunt color, haggard description.The fisherman saw him and asked, “Is it Doctor Sanlv and your son?Why so?”Qu Yuan said, “The whole world is turbid, I am alone, everyone is drunk, I wake up alone, so see the release.”Yu Fu said, “The sage is not stuck in things, but can move with the world.The world is turbid, why not 淈 its mud and Yang its wave?(6) We are drunk, d — takes us bad and 歠Why think high, from the order to put?”Qu Yuan said, “I have heard it: new bathers must spring their crowns, new bathers must shake their clothes.Can Ann observe with the body, receive the things of wen Wen?Rather go to Xiang flow, buried in the belly of fish in the river.Ann can hao Hao white, and the dust of the secular?”Fishing father smiled, drum 枻 and go, song yue: “Canglang water clear xi, can zhuo my tasles;The water of the Surging waves is cloudy. It washes my feet.”Then he went away and said nothing more.After qu Yuan was exiled, he walked alone along the riverbank. He chanted as he walked. His face was gaunt and thin.An old fisherman saw him and asked: “Aren’t you Doctor Rump?Why did it end up like this?”Qu Yuan replied, “All the people in the world are cloudy, but I am innocent.Everyone was drunk but I was sober, so I was banished.”The father asked, “A man of virtue is not bound by things, but moves along with the world.Since all the people in the world are cloudy, why don’t you stir the muddy water and raise the cloudy wave?Since everyone is drunk, why don’t you eat the lees and drink the wine?Why should I be banished by thinking deeply and acting nobly?”Qu Yuan said: “I have heard the ancients say: the person who has just washed his head must dust off his hat, the person who has just taken a bath must tidy up his clothes.How can a pure body be tainted with something so filthy?I’d rather jump into the Xiangjiang River and eat fish.How can I cover my pure and white body with earthly dust?”Hearing this, the fisherman smiled, shook his OARS and started to leave, singing: “The water of the Surging waves is clear and clear, you can wash the tassel of my hat;The water of canglang is so cloudy that it can wash my feet.”The fisherman went away and stopped talking to Qu Yuan.