Hunan Food and Drug Institute in the village work team to carry out organic fertilizer to the countryside activities

2022-08-04 0 By

New Hunan client on April 1 (correspondent Chen Peng Zhou Zhaoxin) spring comes again, the north ice and snow melt, the south green gradually thick, each place has entered the spring ploughing season.Tianmenya village, Shimen County, Changde City also opened the spring ploughing stage, in order to lay a solid foundation for this year’s grain yield, recently, hunan Food and Drug Vocational College resident team applied to buy 24 tons of organic fertilizer as a gift to tianmenya village villagers to ensure the smooth spring ploughing.To help tianmen spring production, the same village to solve the problem of insufficient farmers fertilizer, hunan food and drug vocational college residency teams will actively report to the backing unit in hunan province food and drug vocational college, ask for instructions, the school attaches great importance and concern, the backing research unit of leadership, buy 24 tons of organic fertilizer tianmen same village, the villagers, to ensure that every farmer with ShangFei, with good fertilizer.(Trucks filled with fertilizer) On the morning of March 29, trucks loaded with organic fertilizer arrived at the village headquarters of Tianmenya Village, and were delivered to the farmers of Tianmenya village by the joint distribution of the village work team and the village branch committee.(The task force delivers fertilizer to households accurately) “Thanks to the support units’ care, which makes our life full of warmth and hope!”A total of 24 tons of organic fertilizer was distributed in the activity of sending fertilizer to the countryside, and all households in the village were distributed in place, benefiting more than 3,000 mu of farming area.The activity greatly strengthened the determination of the villagers in Tianmenya village to stabilize grain and increase income, and increased the energy of the farmers to increase production and income.In the next step, the village working team of Hunan Food and Drug Vocational College will continue to learn and understand the spirit of the no. 1 document of the CPC Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee in 2022, effectively implement the work of steadily increasing the income of tianmenya villagers, and help the rural revitalization.[Source: New Hunan client]