In the post-covid-19 era, how to “Amway” the New Year

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□ Wang Zixin (Beijing Sport University) “Sweep away the cottage and wash away the clamour.Gave birth to pot fire roaring bamboo, shousui feast open to listen to the song pepper.”In the Spring Festival, whether it is cleaning the house, lighting incense and praying, or setting off fireworks, reunion dinner, etc., all contain people’s simple desire for reunion, harmony, happy harvest, carrying the infinite expectations of the Chinese people “New Year flavor”.Now that the Year of the Ox is far away and the Tiger is already here, the Spring Festival of 2022 will be much more “quiet” than in previous years: the footsteps of returning passengers hurrying back to their hometowns are becoming fewer and fewer, parks and temples are not as noisy as in the past, and fireworks are no longer shining brightly across the city’s night sky.This can not help but make people sigh: where did our “New Year flavor” go?The answer may lie in the changing times we live in: as society accelerates digital transformation under the impact of the pandemic, we are entering an era that is both familiar and unfamiliar — the post-pandemic era.The so-called post-epidemic era refers to the era of normalized epidemic prevention and control, which is characterized by a significant decrease in offline activities and an unprecedented frequency of online exchanges.This year, in particular, as the epidemic prevention and control has become regular, returning home has faced new challenges.Many parks and casinos have strict limits on the number of visitors;Temple fairs have been postponed or cancelled due to the high risk of gathering people.Setting off fireworks is banned in many places because of environmental concerns.Today, various customs and forms bearing the flavor of the New Year have been affected to varying degrees. How can the flavor of the New Year be inherited and developed among the younger generation?The spirit of Guarding the New Year calls on the younger generation to create new cultural forms and create new scenes dominated by online interaction.In fact, with the strong creativity of young people and the joint action of digital technologies such as big data, 5G, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, new carriers and scenes are being opened, and new forms of reunion are gradually becoming the mainstream:Through the software and long-distance friends and relatives video call, on the live platform to watch the party and share the bullet screen message, in the chat group hand speed grab red envelopes, friends and relatives online “cloud games”……The new digital consumption concept of “Amway” is also passed on to the older members of the family during the Spring Festival, helping to make the festival more digital and efficient.In addition, mainstream media also actively join in the promotion army of new media online new Scenes of Chinese New Year.For example, During the Spring Festival this year, The People’s Daily launched a colorful red envelope cover, and released millions of red envelopes through the public account online, creating a thick flavor of the New Year.In addition to actively looking for new carriers to maintain the spirit of the traditional festival core and cultural genes, the society is also actively promoting the implementation of more humane policies, the development of more targeted detailed programs, to jointly protect the flavor of the New Year.In the face of the epidemic situation, many places have advocated local Spring Festival to reduce cross-regional movement of people, thus protecting the safety of more people.However, the Spring Festival on the spot is for another day of carefree reunion, although the Spring Festival does not return home, but the flavor of the Year can not be diluted.In Foshan, Guangdong province, people who celebrate the Spring Festival in their own place will receive “five gift packages”, including red envelopes in cash, tickets to popular scenic spots and movie packages.In Beijing, relevant departments have ensured the smooth supply of local “vegetable basket”, expanded the supply of public culture, and increased the online distribution of interesting Spring Festival programs to enrich the cultural life of citizens.Relevant measures to warm the hearts of family members left behind in their hometown, but also let the overseas Chinese New Year at ease.”Poverty leads to change, change leads to success, and general rule lasts.”The Spring Festival, which contains the basic attribute of leaving the old and ushering in the new, should also adapt to the changing times.We do not need to be strict with the traditional cultural carriers and forms, as long as we keep in mind the unique national psychology and cultural genes contained in the Flavor of the New Year, we can still create a new form in embracing the new era, so that the flavor of the New Year will be revitalized in the post-epidemic era, and become a close cultural bond of the people and a new sound of The Times.Instructor: Hu Zencen