Maguire versus Van Dyke!Manmandi: Manchester united lacked integrity and Maguire kept taking the blame

2022-08-04 0 By

The Manchester evening news that maguire frequent the key reasons of errors, the season is on the Manchester united squad structure defect, all the problems with on maguire is unfair, maguire could have into a central defender, van dyck, before the introduction of central midfield players at united, maguire will have to continue to be a scapegoat for Manchester united’s underachievement.Maguire’s failure to steal the ball against Burnley has become almost a regular feature of this season, which has seen united concede six more goals.By comparison, Maguire’s £89m price tag is the equivalent of van Dijk’s premier League record.Considering van Dijk has brought Liverpool a Premier League title and a Champions League, maguire’s price tag seems an odd one.The Manchester evening news that Manchester united in 2019, the introduction of maguire, maguire fee is belong to overvalued, but maguire isn’t a bad sign, united united central defender need a can advance, despite some premium, but the Manchester united complement the signings of short board, more expensive prices are worth it.Van dyke can help Liverpool make an immediate impact, become the last piece of the puzzle for Liverpool title, after the introduction of van dyke Liverpool’s overall strength on a level.But according to the Manchester evening news, van dyck not’s individual ability is outstanding, it is wrong to emphasize individual ability, modern football emphasize van dyck ability without a doubt is ignored at the role of, in building at Liverpool on the integrity of spent very big kung fu, Liverpool as a whole is on the defensive,Every player was responsible for the defence, and Liverpool’s defence made mistakes too, but the rest of the team made up for them by pulling together to stop van Dijk.When a Manchester United player makes a mistake, the fans and the media often blame the problem on the individual player, rather than seeing the overall defensive posture of Manchester United before the player makes the mistake, or the problems of other Manchester United players after the mistake.The Manchester evening news thought, therefore, van dyck, dias to be Liverpool and Manchester city outstanding point guard, helping the club to the ball, Manchester city and Liverpool is the integrity of a stronger, more importance to the role of the individual, while united maguire error is equivalent to Manchester united back pan man lack integrity.The Manchester evening news, for example, has carried on the proof, in Manchester united’s game against burnley, mike tommy nai is not a qualified 6 players, he is more good at forward offense, so maguire had to fill small mike left space, he tried to oppression burnley players holding space, to prevent too much chance to fight back for the opposition.However, Maguire is not an agile defender himself, he is not quick and his turn is even slower, so he is a very easy player to break down when maguire is defending forward, and United cannot allow maguire to use his weaknesses against the strengths of the opposition.Maguire, of course, is not without mistakes, his character is not stable, he knows himself slowly, but he often rob to be too bold breakthrough, thus give chance to directly face the goalkeeper, but the game against burnley maguire isn’t the first responsible persons, lott and navarre is inside,Because the space maguire took up was the defensive space of Varane and Darlott, they were not in their own position, so Maguire had to cover.Luxshaw was also out of position, unaware of the danger of setting up an offside trap, and De Gea was out of position to block a shot instead of attacking.The Manchester Evening News, therefore, argues that united’s goal was the fault of a number of players, but that the problem exploded on Maguire, who in effect paid for the mistakes of all his team-mates.Maguire may have to carry on with his responsibilities until United bring in a central defender and develop a holistic approach.