A lone hero who beat a lot of talent on draft night and shook a dynasty, the answer to a lifetime of hard work!

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There are many players in NBA who are masters of passing, but there is only one master of passing that can make people think of passing, and that is Allen Iverson.Iverson’s shaking is too excellent, conquered too many fans, countless fans will be his idol, to today, Iverson’s signature movement “Iverson style change” is still the object of the fans to imitate learning.It is not easy for Allen Iverson to reach this height, his basketball road is not smooth, he suffered a lot of setbacks, eat a lot of pain, this article will talk about Allen Jefferson.Born in slums, long iverson’s mother Ann iverson gave birth to the iverson in the slum is only 15 years old, although the age is small, but his mother immediately take on the responsibility, he found the boy’s father, hope two people together will Allen iverson raised, let iverson live with parents to love life, but after living together for a long time she found out,Iverson’s father is not a good man, his act of violence, and contraband, having a lot of family by his bad, is not conducive to the growth of Allen iverson, in order to let iverson to the right direction, don’t go the way of his father’s way, Ann has decided to leave the father, iverson alone raising iverson, but because no money at home, Ann can only with iverson to slum life.= After the move, Ann met a new boyfriend, but the living conditions have not changed, around the home, there are people who do not work, they are engaged in illegal transactions, but also occasionally the outbreak of gun battles.Iverson grew up in such a hard life. When iverson was able to run around, he formed a partnership with some of the kids in the neighborhood. These kids came from poor families, but they were all dreaming of moving out of the ghetto and living in a better house.Although living conditions is bad, is not to eat nutritious, but iverson did very well in the sports, a lot stronger than their peers, iverson favourite football, want to be one of the most popular football player, Allen iverson on the football this road, on this road, iverson met people in his life.Emerge when iverson to play football on the field, a man in love with the boy, his name is MO, MO know Allen iverson, very hope he can become, to Allen iverson is very good, is not his father, but better than his father, and in iverson’s life, MO is a very key people, is the noble Allen iverson.On the football pitch, iverson is playing better, the man who became the most dazzling court, he led the team won the state championship football, and on the basketball court, iverson’s performance is very good, although is not tall, shape also is not solid enough, but no one can guard him, iverson led the basketball team won the state championship.Two state championships, let Iverson small fame, become a new star in the sports world, boarded the TV, a lot of people know Iverson, but this famous, but to Iverson to find a lot of trouble, let Iverson almost bid farewell to the game.Specialize in basketball after accident in prison, the prison in an ordinary can no longer ordinary night, Allen iverson and his friends are playing in a bowling alley, they had a good time, didn’t provoke others, but someone came to see their trouble, a band of white boy attacked, a friend of iverson’s Allen iverson’s friends and they played together, but Allen iverson, who was not involved in the fight, he walked away.But when the police to deal with the fights, iverson also to catch up, heard the news, MO action immediately, to find a lawyer, but the end result is contrary to expectation, iverson was sentenced to 15 years, five years of probation, are not allowed to obtain a guarantor pending trial, it is worth mentioning that Allen iverson is a white judge.When a white judge sentenced a black man who was not involved in the fight to 15 years in prison, it has to be seen as discriminatory.Although iverson’s family tried hard, iverson was sent to prison. In prison, Iverson gradually gave up fighting and began to learn how to survive the long prison life.While iverson was in prison, his supporters staged marches in support of iverson, and television stations stood up for him and interviewed him.Finally, with everyone’s efforts, Governor Wilder granted Amnesty to Iverson. Iverson served less than a year and was released from prison. After being released from prison, Iverson could not participate in sports events, and Iverson focused on studies first.In 1996, Iverson’s basketball skills have been very good, is the best player in the United States college students, people are looking forward to joining the NBA, and in this year, Iverson’s sister Lisa illness aggravation, in order to earn money to cure sister, Iverson decided to land in the NBA.The Philadelphia 76ers selected Iverson with the first overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft. At 1.83 meters, Iverson became the shortest no. 1 pick in NBA history.Before that, people did not pick the 1.83 meter player as the no. 1, the reason is that people do not believe that the 1.83 meter player can make a big wave in the NBA, but Iverson gave people unprecedented hope, people think that despite his short, he can play great performance.When Allen iverson on the field, iverson met the people expect of him, in addition to height is high enough, iverson other top talent is, he particularly strong explosive force, fast, guard him hard, historical level of defensive specialist pippen said: “for me, Allen iverson defense is really a tough challenge, his speed is too fast!”Iverson has talent and technology. His dribbling ability is particularly strong, with fast dribbling speed and wide range. He can do a lot of complicated dribbling to confuse opponents.Iverson has it all figured out and finds ways to use it to his advantage, creating what’s known as a “Crossover.”Iverson used this move, past countless people, the defense of countless top passing masters Jordan, also by Iverson, in the evaluation of Iverson, Jordan said, “he is a great player.”Iverson’s passing is too strong, too watchable, therefore, countless fans fell in love with Iverson, in imitation of iverson’s passing movement, but Iverson can not only this move.Iverson midrange jumper is very severe, when the opponent in the basket concentrating in defense of his layup, iverson will be stopped for fast on the perimeter, with a quick and simple way of shooting enemies with a heavy blow, let the opponents in the basket, efforts were in vain breakthrough is strong, can also shoot, let Allen iverson on the offensive end is difficult to stop, no one can really say, I can prevent death Allen iverson.Iverson had a great rookie season, averaging 23.5 points, 7.5 assists and 2.1 steals per game. Iverson deserved to be the no.1 overall pick.In the following season, Iverson performance more and more wonderful, he conquered more and more people, people gave Iverson a resounding nickname, “the answer”.After iverson’s rookie season, there were no questions about his ability as an individual. The question was, what level could iverson take the Sixers to, a playoff team, a championship team, or a championship team?Iverson knows what’s expected of him, and he really wants to bring a championship to the Sixers.Iverson has grand ambitions, some 76 people management also as, since Allen iverson played tricks, they have been looking for help for iverson, but Philadelphia is neither an entertainment capital, also is not a big market, want to attract good players is not easy, the overall strength is not enough, to become the biggest obstacle on the road to the 76 title.By the 2000-01 season, the sixers were barely able to put together a decent lineup, led by Allen Iverson, with Ratliff, Snow, Dikembe Mutombo, Aaron McGee and others. How far the lineup can go depends on how well Iverson plays, and Iverson is playing really well this season.Against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Iverson scored 54 points, leading the team to a four-point victory. Against the middling Raptors, Iverson scored 51 points, but the team lost by four points. From then on, the 76ers’ overall strength is really not strong enough, Iverson played super, but still can not win the ball.At the end of the season, Iverson averaged 31.1 points, 3.8 rebounds, 4.6 assists and 2.5 steals, leading the 76ers to a record of 56-26 and ranking first in the Eastern Conference. Iverson led a group of less famous and less powerful teammates to the top of the Eastern Conference, which made people admire Iverson. In the MVP voting,Iverson voted MVP, iverson’s ability to lead the team was recognized.Iverson scored 45 points and 9 assists in game 2. The next two games, Iverson scored 30 points in each of the 76ers’ three straight wins, and the Pacers eliminated the Pacers.Second, 76 people met led the raptors, carter met two popular hot star, a war broke out, the first game, iverson scored 36 points and 4 assists and eight rebounds, carter 35 points 7 assists, 76 people three points was negative, and the second game, iverson had 54 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, carter 28 points, 76 5 narrow victory over the next two games,Each team won one game, and the series came to the battle of Mount Tianking.Heavenly Kings mountain battle, iverson 52 points 7 assists, steals, 4 game early loss of suspense, 76 people stomp the raptors 33 points, but the failure did not beat the raptors, they have won the sixth, series into the tiebreak, the tiebreak, iverson 21 points and 16 assists and 4 rebounds, 2 steals, helping 76 people 1 narrowly, eliminated the raptors.And 76 eastern conference finals against the bucks, first, iverson 34 points 6 assists, 76 victory, the second lost 76 people, the third field, iverson is absent, the fourth field, iverson contribution 28 points and eight assists, 76 people win, they win game 5, but the bucks won back the game 6, series once again into the tiebreak, the tiebreak,Iverson had 44 points, seven assists, six rebounds and two steals to help the 76ers advance to the NBA finals.76 people against the lakers, this lakers team is very strong, they didn’t lose a game to come to the finals, from the paper strength, 76 people is hard to find a win, but not on paper strength, after all, the game itself, the NBA finals for the first game, murder iverson sent Bryant, Derek fisher and others to guard him, have no effect,Iverson was still hitting the ball, and the game was tied at the end of regular time, going into overtime, and people were like, you know, the sixers might win?Overtime whistle, iverson led back, he got first, and then take a 3-pointers, then a jumper to 4 points, iverson completed his task, his teammates also came to help, in the end, they keep the score advantage, to win the game, the lakers’ unbeaten golden body was broken by Allen iverson, the game,Allen Iverson had 48 points, six assists and five steals in his first game of the season, telling people there’s another way to get crushed.The 76ers got off to a good start, allowing the lakers to come up with a targeted approach. In this case, the 76ers’ overall shortcomings were exposed. Despite iverson’s good play, the 76ers lost four games in a row and were eliminated from the championship by the Lakers.Iverson couldn’t bring a championship back, but it was a good one, giving the Sixers their first appearance in the Finals since 1983.”Gold double gun” was born iverson in the history of 01 NBA finals, exciting, people look forward to a higher, but after that, 76 people have stagnated, at the same time, iverson and coach larry brown relations soured, brown to leave, but things did not improve, 76 though 76 people also did some efforts, iverson is trying to play,But the Sixers’ accomplishments just aren’t good.After the 76ers failed to make the playoffs in 2005-06, when iverson averaged a career high in points per game, the front office lost hope of him and shipped him to the Nuggets.At this moment the nuggets, led by Anthony and iverson came later, people called the two “golden double gun”, scoring ability, “gold double gun” really strong, two people close 50 points don’t have any problem, in the regular season, “gold double gun” led the nuggets have also made some achievements, from 04 – ’05 season to 07-08, the nuggets are in the top eight, 07-08.The nuggets also won 50 32 record, but the goal of the Denver nuggets are some success in the playoffs, and under the guidance of “gold double gun”, the Denver nuggets don’t in the playoffs, iverson to play in the team of the original system, after tried three seasons, the nuggets decided, sending iverson, sent to the piston.Iverson didn’t fit in with the pistons, and the pistons didn’t believe in iverson. The two sides parted ways after a big red face.The Grizzlies signed Iverson, but not long after the Grizzlies played, the Grizzlies decided to terminate their contract with Iverson, iverson became a free agent, after hearing the news, Iverson decided to retire at one point, but he withdrew his decision.Iverson didn’t get a lot of attention in free agency, and it looked like he might not be able to play, but then the 76ers gave him a chance and iverson returned to Philadelphia.At the press conference, Iverson was very excited, he shed tears on the scene, this return, Iverson’s performance is good, he can play in THE NBA, but is iverson will focus on the court, Iverson’s youngest daughter of a strange disease, Iverson in order to take care of his daughter, and the sixers removed the contract, left the NBA.This walk, Iverson has not been able to come back, see can not play in the NBA, still want to play Iverson went to Europe, in Europe to play for a while, Iverson injured, returned to the United States.Iverson knew it would be hard for him to play after his injury, and he announced his retirement from basketball in 2013.Write after finally retired, iverson and bad of life, and his wife fell out of pocket money is less, the quality of life than before, but fortunately, iverson foundation is thick, not the rich life, ordinary life is also no problem, in recent years, Allen iverson is fat, look less mentally gas than before, wish all the best Allen iverson.Stay tuned to “100” for live NBA video and replay of NBA games from 1980 to the present.