February 5, 2022 News bulletin, Happy Chinese New Year

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Code word is not easy, if useful, please remember to support like + follow + forward!A beautiful day, from the beginning of reading newspapers, February 5, renyin year on the fifth day of the first month, Saturday, happy Spring Festival, happy life 12, the world’s first large-scale investment!More than 1,000 hydrogen cars will operate in the village;Heart is small, all the little things are big;Big heart, all big things are small.Put leftovers in the refrigerator while they are hot.Within the temperature range of 4℃ to 60℃, the growth rate of bacteria is relatively fast. Putting leftovers in the refrigerator “while they are hot” can lower the temperature faster and reduce the chance of bacterial growth.Comb your head, wipe your face, turn your eyes, rub your ears, beat your teeth, swallow your body, rub your belly, rub your waist, rub your feet, and move your sex.No morning naked head, no long sitting in the wetland, no sweat fanning, no cold sweat clothes, no holding urine and defecation, no hot bath, no squatting defecation, no wearing pants, no head turning, no staying up late.249 – Sima Yi launches a coup and takes control of Luoyang.1912 – The Bank of China, the first bank of the Democratic government, opens in Shanghai.1929 – The Kuomintang government changes the name of Mukden to Liaoning province.1971 – Us Apollo 14 astronauts land on the moon.All content is sourced from the Internet. View is neutral to the views expressed in this article. View does not make any warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the content, and is not responsible for the views expressed in this article.The copyright belongs to the original author.If there is infringement, please contact the background editor, we will delete in the first time processing!