Gansu province this year to carry out “Lugan Manpower” east and west labor cooperation brand construction nine activities

2022-08-05 0 By

Gansu Network, China, February 17, lanzhou Daily reported that human resources and social security department of Gansu Province, Human resources and social security Department of Shandong Province, Gansu cadres management group jointly issued a notice recently, in 2022 to implement the “Lugan manpower” east and west labor cooperation brand construction “nine activities”.”Lugan Manpower” east and West labor cooperation brand construction “nine activities” are respectively:Special job fair for East-West Labor Cooperation and “point-to-point” organized transfer activities, human resource service optimization activities, high-skilled talents Co-education activities, Gansu labor brand promotion activities, vocational capacity building and promotion activities, entrepreneurship support activities, labor cooperation business capacity improvement activities,Shandong “Longuplink” rural employment factory (help workshop), human resources market construction ability promotion activities, caring and condolence activities.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Zhao Wanshan