How to protect the ecological environment in Chengdu in 2022?

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Sichuan News Network – First screen news Chengdu, February 19 (reporter Lu Yonghong) On The 18th, chengdu Ecological environment Bureau held the first news conference in 2022.After the good start of the “14th Five-year Plan” for ecological environment protection, what will chengdu do in 2022?According to the report, the overall consideration of the prevention and control of air, water and soil pollution in Chengdu in 2022 is as follows:In general, we will continue to focus on improving environmental quality, and give greater emphasis to targeted, scientific, and law-based pollution control. We will coordinate pollution control, ecological protection, and climate change with a view to achieving synergies and efficiency in reducing pollution and carbon emissions. We will deepen the adjustment of the “four major structures” and fight the critical battle against pollution.We will promote all-round green transformation of economic and social development with key breakthroughs in key areas.In terms of work arrangements, on the one hand, we focused on the prominent ecological and environmental problems reported by the public and stepped up efforts to make them feel the improvement of ecological and environmental quality.On the other hand, we will focus on pollution sources, speed up the adjustment of the transportation and energy structure of the space industry, set reasonable targets and tasks for the stage, highlight work priorities, and steadily and orderly promote carbon reduction.In advancing our work, we will make greater efforts to follow four principles: problem-oriented, law-based oversight, guidance and assistance, and reform and innovation.”In 2022, we will further fight the ‘three battles’ of air, water and soil pollution prevention and control with higher standards, and build a beautiful Chengdu with green mountains, green water and fresh air, so as to continuously improve the citizens’ sense of gain, happiness and security of beautiful ecological environment.”Yang Binping said in an interview with reporters.On air pollution control, we will firmly shoulder the “backbone” responsibility in the battle against blue skies, work hard to achieve synergy between pollution reduction and carbon reduction, and strive to achieve all air quality standards as soon as possible.We will deepen structural adjustment and promote green and low-carbon transformation.We will exercise strict control over projects involving high energy, environmental, and environmental pollution, implement a system for classifying and comprehensively evaluating industrial enterprises, and continue to strengthen efforts to clean up industrial waste.We will make use of the advantages of hydropower to increase the proportion of clean energy, with steel, brick, casting and other industries as the focus, and make every effort to promote the elimination of coal-fueled industrial kilns and the replacement of clean energy.We will vigorously promote the “mass transit rail” project, speed up the construction of supporting facilities such as replacing new-energy vehicles, phasing out old cars and charging piles, and pilot low-carbon transport demonstration zones and green logistics demonstration zones.Accelerate the relocation of core functions of non-central urban areas such as large logistics bases (distribution centers) and commodity wholesale markets in central urban areas.We will strengthen comprehensive treatment and treat qi in a precise and scientific way in accordance with the law.We will strengthen control of mobile sources, industrial sources and non-point sources in cities, with the focus on the battle against heavy pollution, the battle against ozone pollution and the battle against mobile source pollution.We will carry out in-depth research and formulation of emission standards for air pollutants in catering fume, automobile maintenance, industrial furnaces and other industries.Focus on promoting the in-depth governance of key parks and key industries related to VOCs emissions and the substitution of raw and auxiliary materials, and step by step to promote the demarcation of fireworks and firecrackers in the whole area.Improve the atmospheric monitoring system, promote the construction of automatic monitoring stations for air quality and VOCs in the park, establish and improve the trans-regional intelligent supervision system, and strengthen the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements of gas control in academician workstations.Strengthen cross-regional cooperation and build a long-term working mechanism.We will improve the joint supervision mechanism for the development of chengdu-Chongqing Twin cities economic circle and the integrated development of Chengdu-Demei Capital, strengthen regional air quality forecasting and joint prevention and control, jointly deal with heavy pollution weather, and revise and improve emergency plans for heavy pollution weather.In terms of water pollution control, the annual assessment target has been achieved for sections controlled by the state and the province, 95% of sections controlled by the city and above have excellent water quality, and 100% of the centralized drinking water sources of county towns and above have reached the standard.We will continue to carry out six major initiatives to improve the water environment in key river basins, improve the quality and efficiency of sewage collection and treatment facilities, treat pollution and reduce emissions in industrial enterprises, comprehensively improve the rural environment, protect drinking water sources, and protect and restore water ecosystems.Investigations and rectification of sewage outlets into rivers and the treatment of black and smelly water bodies were carried out across the region, and efforts were made to ensure that yanghua River and other river basins failed to meet standards, so as to consolidate progress in the treatment of the Jinjiang River Basin.We will accelerate the improvement of urban and rural sewage pipe networks, and improve the treatment capacity and operation and management of urban domestic sewage.We will control pollution from non-point agricultural sources, clean up environmental problems in “dynamic” drinking water source protection areas, promote demonstration of water ecological restoration, and increase the utilization rate of reclaimed water in cities.In soil pollution treatment, utilization rate of 94% or more in the city’s polluted farmland security, the key to effectively ensure safe use of construction land, the soil environment quality overall stability as the goal, in-depth implementation of the law on the prevention and control of soil pollution, strengthen the source control, consolidate the perfect classification management, promote the risk control and repair,We strengthened inter-departmental coordination, carried out oversight and law enforcement, and implemented 20 work measures in six major initiatives, including assessment and evaluation, to ensure clean land.We will strengthen soil environmental supervision over agricultural land, construction land and unused land, continue to carry out investigations on soil pollution caused by changes in use, implement a negative list of contaminated land and land use classification control, and actively promote the implementation of soil pollution control and remediation projects.To complete the signing of the target responsibility letter of the key supervision unit of soil pollution, self-monitoring, supervisory monitoring, hidden trouble investigation and rectification;Start the construction of soil risk control pilot area in the upper reaches of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers;The Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Plan of Chengdu during the 14th Five-year Plan period was issued.(Lu Yonghong) (Sichuan News)