The 2022 Chengdu Dinner Guide is here: recommend 100 famous Chengdu dishes, which ones do you like best?

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When the four dishes and one soup on the table become seven dishes and eight bowls, it means that the Spring Festival has arrived, and the menu of the New Year’s Eve dinner in the circle of friends is also hot in the sun.Chengdu, China (CNS) — The Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce on Thursday released a guide to the 2022 Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner in the Year of the Tiger. The guide, based on consumer demand during the Spring Festival and focusing on Chengdu’s famous dishes, released a list of 300 famous restaurants in Chengdu as well as ordering information to encourage the general public to order food online, make reservations and alternate peak meals, and advocates catering outlets and platforms to provide home delivery services.So that citizens can enjoy “delicious food on their tongue” at home.New Year’s flavor always starts from the taste buds.”The highlight of this year’s Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner guide is the recommendation of 100 Famous Chengdu dishes together with the first (2022) Chengdu Michelin Guide.”According to the introduction of the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, after the city, district (city) county two levels of selection, the relevant business (association) and representatives of the general public participation, sichuan cuisine masters, sichuan cuisine experts evaluation, the first time elected 100 Chengdu famous dishes and their representative stores.Both Chen mapo dofu, sliced beef and ox tongue in chili sauce, rice dumplings, dumplings, dragon reading hands so old, also have ginkgo stewed chicken, a classic cuisine, sichuan style stew pork and jianyang mutton soup, noodles in soup, qionglai milk xinjian pomelo liu hook fish, shuangliu rabbit first class specialties, “with strong local characteristics and bearing the profound cultural city, citizens friends need to take,You can easily enjoy the authentic chengdu flavor.””We also published a Brief Guide to Chengdu Cuisine, which is sold in every major bookstore. Every dish has a video explaining how to make it. Citizens can learn to cook famous dishes from Sichuan masters at home and enjoy the fun of cooking dinner on New Year’s Eve.The videos are also available on the official account of the Chengdu Bureau of Commerce.”Not only that, the relevant person in charge of the above stated that Michelin has officially released the first version of the Michelin guide (2022), chengdu, including 1 2 star restaurant, eight restaurants, a week 13 biden will promote the restaurant and 28 Michelin guide to be included in the restaurant, chengdu became the fourth in mainland China after Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou city with Michelin restaurant.”Meituan’s ‘Black Pearl’ and Dianping’s ‘Must-eat list’ restaurants are also of high quality. Fast food and simple meals such as KFC and Pizza Hut are also available to meet the diverse needs of citizens. People can use their leisure time to clock in these restaurants.”Reporters found that the guide launched a variety of New Year’s Eve dinner, not only dinner, but also snacks, cooked food, stewed meat, hot pot and other kinds of special set meals, dishes cover flavored snacks, fine cooking dishes, classic soup and special snacks, hot dishes, cold dishes, prepared dishes.”In addition to the order list launched by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, we also encourage each district (city) county, relevant business associations, take-out platforms, chain catering enterprises to launch their own characteristics of the New Year’s Eve dinner ordering information and preferential activities.”The head also introduced to, a lot of businesses introduced prefabricated, semi-finished products, and provide online reservation service, using WeChat public number, small programs, Tmall flagship store, delivery platform, live the means such as electricity, the family reunion dinner, the family reunion dinner to send the door, rich people the holiday table of the masses, “citizen friend just for a simple search on the net,You can look it up easily.”Chengdu New Year’s Eve Dinner recommended list chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Meng Hao editor Wang Juan proofread Song Hexiao