A major Chinese residential project in the UK has been sold to London’s biggest developer

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Greenland Group, one of China’s biggest property developers,It has sold the undeveloped portion of one of its big flagship projects in London, the Ram Quarter in Wandsworth, to The Berkeley Group, the largest developer in the London area.The deal marks Greenland’s formal exit from the large residential project following the successful completion of the construction and sale of the first phase of Ram Quarter.According to two people close to the deal, Greenland sold Berkeley the undeveloped site (shown in red) for about £40m.The group confirmed the deal on February 10.Berkeley Group St George has developed Battersea Reach on the Thames, a large, fully completed landmark community, about 800 metres North-East of Lamb house’s Ram Quarter.The Lamb House project was bought by Greenland group in 2014 for a total of about £140m, according to the first Chinese property development in London.The project, on the Ram Brewery site in the heart of Wandsworth in south-west London, is Greenland’s first residential development in the UK and the first by a Chinese company.The project conservatively renovated Ram Brewery, one of Britain’s oldest breweries.At the end of February 2018, the first phase of Lamb House was completed and delivery began.Illustration: original plot of the Lamb Mansion project, and renderings of the master plan.The Ram Brewery site was followed by Greenland’s purchase of the London Spire project site in east London’s Canary Wharf financial district.The London Spire was supposed to be the tallest residential tower in Britain and Western Europe, but construction has yet to begin.For a variety of reasons, Greenland group sought to sell off the undeveloped part of Ram Quarter early last year, valuing the entire project at about £600m when completed.Lamb House is located on the historic Lamb Brewery site in Wandsworth, 2 South West London, with a 3.42 acre gross floor area of 90,000 square metres and a combination of apartments, co-working Spaces and commercial facilities including restaurants, bars and cafes.According to the original plan, the project will be developed in three phases and will be worth about £600m when fully completed.The first phase that Greenland successfully built, sold and used by the owners included 338 apartments, as well as a conservation building and commercial amenities that included a microbrewery.Berkeley acquired the second and third phases of the project, with 375 homes and amenities planned.With views of the river, gardens, historic buildings and public square, the apartments in the first phase of the six-building project will be able to shop and dine within the community, enjoy private space in the residential garden, and stroll along the Wandle River, which winds through the community center.Photo: Lamb House won the award for best Mixed-use project of 2021.Wandsworth has a long cultural tradition and historical accumulation. In the past ten years, with the construction of one modern comprehensive project after another, it has gradually developed into a fashionable and most dynamic area in London.Modern buildings complement historic buildings, with modern apartment buildings that have completely transformed the area.Rail transit zone 2 is very convenient for Wandsworth to reach multiple transportation hubs. It takes only 15 minutes to reach Waterloo Station, and it takes only 30 minutes to drive to major financial, business, cultural, educational, commercial and entertainment centers in the city center. It only takes 45 minutes to reach London Heathrow International Airport and one hour to reach the city airport.Lamb House is a 6-7 minute walk to Wandsworth Town Railway Station in Transport 2, from which you can take a 15-minute train ride to Waterloo Station in the city centre, where the Jubilee, Northern and Bakerloo metro lines meet,The Waterloo & City line and trains to the south-east coast of England.Trains to Waterloo also pass through Clapham Junction and Vauxhall, two important transport hubs.From Clapham Junction you can change to a direct train to Gateway airport or take the London Underground to west London, north of the River Thames.From Vauxhall, you can transfer to the Victoria Line, which connects you to downtown Victoria, Oxford Street, King’s Cross and more.As an old residential community in southwest London, Wandsworth district has mature and perfect living facilities.From antique shops to shopping malls, from brand stores to supermarkets, convenient living facilities ensure that local residents can enjoy a comprehensive and convenient shopping experience.Lamb House is also located in the heart of Wandsworth, just across the road from Southside Wandsworth, the local shopping centre, and just 2-3 minutes’ walk to the high Street with all kinds of shops.In addition, There are shops, restaurants, cafes and other living facilities inside The Lam Residence community.Amazon Fresh, a popular self-service supermarket in London, opened in The town centre of Wandsworth in 2021.Wandsworth is one of the 20 councils with the best council services in England, according to a survey published by the Local Government Association.Living in Wandsworth also enjoys one of the lowest council property tax rates in the UK.Educational resources are abundant, including 103 primary schools and 18 secondary schools in Wandsworth, a high quality school district in London.The education level is also among the best in London boroughs, with all the local schools receiving Ofsted “Outstanding” or “outstanding” ratings (the highest level 2), such as the famous Eltringham Primary School, which dates back to 1885.There are also more than a dozen private schools in the area, including Thomas, attended by Prince George and Princess Charlotte.S Battersea.Read more: Safe Living Guide to the UK: the 54 most popular villages for buyers!A British farmer has proved once again that your home is your castle and private property is inviolable.Self-driving car drivers no longer responsible for accidents?Britain is once again leading the industrial revolution!The value of British home ownership has risen by £3tn in 20 years. Who has benefited the most?Super winner: Li Ka-shing sold a building in London and earned 2.6 billion yuan after holding it for only 3 years!Back garden to build a home office creative collection, to bring a huge appreciation of the property!Small apartment?Mini house?A new way for Young People in Britain to achieve housing freedom!(The content of this article is British Wealth (formerly known as “British Property Weekly”) original Chinese, information reference from property building books and other agencies or news websites.Wechat forward, must indicate the source: British wealth.The content of this article is only industry information, actual investment please follow professional legal advice)