“Green Winter Olympics” is how lian become?”Hydrogen” loaded, 100% green electricity supply

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Kechuang Board Daily (Shanghai, reporter Zeng Le) news, February 4, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially opened.In the concept of “green, shared, open and clean”, “green” ranks first.”The Beijing Winter Olympics will be fully carbon neutral.”Li Sen, director of the general Planning department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said at a press conference of the State Information Office on January 13.Moreover, research by Guoyuan Securities suggests that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be the first truly carbon-neutral Olympic event.”This Winter Olympics will be the first time in the world that hydrogen fuel cell buses will be used in large quantities for sports events.”Have hydrogen industry senior practitioner to new energy daily reporter feeling way.More than 1,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles, equipped with more than 30 refueling stations, will be on display at the Beijing Winter Olympics, the world’s largest demonstration of primary fuel cell vehicles, according to the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.Among them, Toyota motor, BAIC group, Yutong Bus, Foton motor and other car companies have put their hydrogen fuel cell vehicles into the Beijing Winter Olympics.In addition to the car enterprises, many listed companies have also significantly “hydrogen” power.New energy daily reporter learned that the Winter Olympic Games for the first time mass use of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as connecting tools.More than 700 hydrogen vehicles in Yanqing and Chongli are equipped with Ehuatong hydrogen fuel cell system.In addition, CNPC has built four hydrogenation stations in the Beijing Winter Olympics area. During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the hydrogen supply capacity will reach 5,500 kg/day, providing services for nearly 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and the mileage is expected to exceed 2 million kilometers.In addition, according to Wind statistics, the listed companies related to hydrogen transportation for the Winter Olympics include: Del, Power Source, Guodian Electric Power co., LTD., Haohua Technology Co., LTD., And Houpu.Capital Securities research believes that the Beijing Winter Olympics will fully demonstrate the potential of hydrogen energy application, quickly enhance the awareness of hydrogen energy, and contribute to the promotion of industrialization.”The preferred application scenario of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is the commercial sector, and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics may be a watershed for the acceleration of hydrogen in China.”Industry expert analysis said.For the first time in history, the 26 venues of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be supplied with 100% green electricity, foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference on Jan 17.”We have established the Zhangbei Renewable energy demonstration project to convert the wind in Zhangbei into clean electricity, which will be integrated into the Hebei Northern power grid and then transmitted to Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou.”Zhao Lijian said.Data shows that Zhangbei County is located in zhangjiakou City, which is known as the “wind city”.It is reported that zhangbei flexible DC power grid project is the only power grid in China that is fully connected to super-large scale and delivers green power.It includes zhangbei, Kangbao, Fengning, Beijing four converter stations.Among them, Zhangbei and Kangbao converter stations are the power transmitting ends, which are connected with new energy.Fengning station as the regulating end, access pumped storage;Beijing Station as the receiving end, access to the capital load center.”Compared with conventional AC and DC power transmission technology, flexible DC power transmission technology has stronger controllability, faster power regulation speed and more flexible operation mode, which can effectively suppress AC voltage fluctuations and reduce the impact of power fluctuations on the power grid at the receiving end.”Insiders told new energy daily reporters.According to Lin Boqiang, a member of the Energy expert advisory committee of the National Energy Commission and director of the China Institute for Energy Policy Studies at Xiamen University, “green electricity,” or green electricity, refers to electricity generated through production processes that emit zero (or nearly so) carbon dioxide.”Green electricity” mainly comes from clean energy, including solar, wind and biomass.At present, China’s “green electricity” mainly solar photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation.It is worth mentioning that the green electricity trading mechanism of the Winter Olympics is another innovation of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.According to the introduction, “green electricity trading” is: on the green electricity trading platform, the Winter Olympic power users through the way of electricity trading, from the green grid and power generation enterprises, wind power, photovoltaic power generation and other new energy electricity.In the dual carbon context, “green Winter Olympics” will help bring demonstration effect and accumulate valuable practical experience for the industry.This article is from Finance Union