If you want your elbows to simmer thoroughly, don’t skip any of these steps

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Generally, the dishes with the word “sauce” are from the north. This is because the sauce method is popular in the north, and the south generally uses the method of sauce, so there is the saying of “South sauce and North sauce”.There are many ways to sauce elbow, even in the north, the practice is different in different regions.Sauce elbow method.Ingredients to prepare: 1 elbow.Ginger 1, onion 1, green onion 1, coriander 3, garlic seeds 5 cloves.Soybean sauce, star anise, bay leaf, cinnamon, grass fruit, cumin, clove, cardamom, pepper, angelica dahurica, single crystal rock sugar, edible oil.We bought in your elbow must call vendor give burn with fire pig elbow skin, because here they have professional equipment, and shall burn longer, the elbow skin blackened a bit it doesn’t matter, pigskin after fire can effectively clean hair, can effectively remove the pigskin peculiar smell, this step is critical.Burn good elbow son home after we use warm water and clean steel ball of the blackened pigskin, steel ball and warm water is easy to wipe off the blackened areas, the elbow skin scrub clean again after the elbow change knife, cut open in the middle, and the cutting to the bone, so your elbow done much faster, also can let your elbow a serving platter.Slice ginger, shred onion, chopped scallion, sliced garlic seeds and coriander. Rinse thoroughly and set aside.The octagon first 3 2 slices, bay leaf, cassia 1 2 grams, amomum, fennel, 3 g, clove, white Chloe 8 5 grain, long pepper 5 2 slices root, angelica dahurica, and 5 first with warm water cleaning, dry chili so that you can wash away the dust on the surface of the spices, can stimulate the aroma of spices, and came to wash after using colander drain off the water. Set aside.First to get a camel, the pot to add 100 grams of water, 20 grains of single crystal rock candy, then open a small fire, along a direction constantly stir with a spoon, sugar melts is white, slowly become pale yellow to purplish red, most see ice-sugar pale purplish red liquid to boil for 10 seconds or so, add in 100 grams of water, boiled water add later also want to stir more,Let it simmer for about 2 minutes at most and then we can pour out the sugar.Add a little more water to the pot until the water reaches the elbow level. When the water is completely boiling, put the elbow into the pot and fly into the water, turning it more often to heat the elbow more evenly. When the water in the pot boils again, time it for 1 minute and remove it for later use.This time you don’t need to blanch for too long, just let the skin set.Add 300 grams of clean cooking oil into a clean pot, and then put in ginger slices, sliced onion, shallots, garlic slices and coriander with a small torch to stir up the aroma of the ingredients. When you see the garlic slices a little golden, pour all the spices into the pot and stir fry them together, and stir up the fragrance of the spices.Stir fry the spices in the wok for about 30 seconds, and then add 130 grams of soy sauce. Stir fry the soy sauce for about 10 seconds. Then add 80 grams of light soy sauce and 30 grams of oyster sauce and stir fry for 2-3 minutes.Then you can add boiling water, add a little more water, and then pour the boiled sugar color into the pot, the color of the brine soup is slightly lighter.You can add 10 grams of Lao abstracted color, add 10 grams of chicken essence to improve fresh, add 3-5 single crystal rock sugar to improve fresh and taste, add 5 grams of white pepper to add fragrance, so a sauce sauce soup is finished.If there is a stainless steel brine pot, pour the brine soup into the brine pot, turn on the fire to boil the brine soup.After boiling the brine soup for 2 minutes, put the elbow into the pot, then add 10 grams of high liquor to remove the smell, and boil the brine soup with fire again. The alcohol will volatilize in high temperature, and the odor of the elbow will be taken away when volatilizing. The lid can be closed after about 3 minutes.Then change to a low heat for two hours, after two hours do not open the lid, and then braised for two hours, so that the elbow will be more flavor.If you can’t fry sugar, you can ignore this step directly. You can use red koji powder to increase the color of the elbow. The same can also achieve beautiful results.It’s a little difficult for beginners to control the heat.In the sauce of elbow time must be sufficient, otherwise it is difficult to have the effect of rotten cooking, if there is no stainless steel soup pot can also use casserole pot, so that the effect will be better.After the sauce elbow is done, filter some of the brine soup and pour it into the pot. After the fire is brought to a boil, add appropriate amount of water starch, hook a glass thicken, and then pour it on the elbow, so that the elbow can taste more.You can also refrigerate the elbows for more than 5 hours and eat them in pieces, which is a different texture and taste.I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten elbows that don’t suck, they don’t taste good to me, and elbows that shake when picked up with chopsticks are super enjoyable in terms of visual impact, taste and taste.