Married “after 90” lovely wife turned out to be “after 70” old aunt

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Upstream news reporter Tingting at the wedding scene, the bride’s parents did not appear, the bride’s little niece shouted at the bride “mom”, after the wedding to call the bride “wife” man is who?Anhui boy Wang Bing met through the net love “after 90” bride through a variety of strange.On April 8, upstream news (feed email: reporters from jiangsu Jiangyin Procuratorate learned that the self-proclaimed “after 90” bride is actually “after 70” married woman, and Wang Bing held a wedding, and another man to maintain an ambiguous relationship, swindled two people more than 130,000 yuan.After wu lingling arrived at the case, she admitted that she had asked Wang bing to buy wedding rings and other wedding items.In August 2021, Wang Bing, a young man working in Jiangyin city, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, met wu Lingling, a girl born in the 1990s, through social software.Wu lingling told Wang Bing that after her parents divorced, her father ran a real estate business in Shanghai and her mother ran a jewelry store in Guangdong province, and she grew up living with her grandfather.Wang Bing found that claiming to be “90 after” Wu Lingling face is very old, Wu Lingling told him, because had donated bone marrow to save leukemia sister, so show old.In a few short days, Wang Bing was attracted by wu Lingling’s image of self-reliance and self-improvement, and they fell in love.A month later, they met online.When they first met, Wu Lingling put forward the idea of getting married.”Wang Bing proposed to go to her house to see, Wu Lingling with ‘willing to tie, do not want to tie, pull down’ reason prevarication past.”Jiangyin procuratorate prosecutors, Wang Bing agreed to get married, Wu Lingling proposed to “three gold” and bride money, Wang Bing has bought her wedding gold cost more than 40,000 yuan, and took Wu Lingling to meet his parents, the old couple took out more than 60,000 yuan of savings as a bride price.In October 2021, Wang Bing and Wu Lingling held their wedding ceremony in their hometown in Anhui Province.Only her sister, her boyfriend and her niece, who called Her “Mama,” were present at the wedding.Wu lingling explained that her mother was in Guangdong and her father was in Shanghai, so neither of them had time to come, nor her grandfather was in poor health.The second day of the wedding, originally agreed to go to the civil affairs bureau to get the certificate of affairs, was rejected by Wu Lingling on the grounds that “the household register was sent to Shanghai by grandpa, can not get the certificate”.Shortly after the wedding, Wu lingling suddenly told Wang that she had been married and divorced before and that she and her ex-husband had agreed in their divorce agreement that they could not remarry until 2022.According to their wechat chat records, Wang bing did not blame Wu for her sudden remarks, but comforted Wu by saying that “they will be more serious in their second marriage, and do not have ideological burden.” They also plan to have children.After Wu Lingling left home, Wang Bing contacted her several times but received no response./ Jiangyin prosecutors get certificate after the storm, Wu Lingling to go to Wuxi dry mother to help, left home.After that, Wang bing contacted Wu lingling several times through wechat and SMS, but failed to reach her.”If you don’t want to be together, pay back the bride price,” Wang wrote to Wu.But Wu Lingling never showed up.In December 2021, Wang Bing received a phone call from a strange man claiming to be Hu Gang, wu Lingling’s husband, who also asked Wang Bing “what is your relationship with her” and asked Wang Bing to confront her.After losing contact nearly 2 months, Wang Bing finally saw Wu Lingling again, three people face to face after confrontation, Wang Bing just solved the doubts in the heart: why Wu Lingling’s mobile phone always have ambiguous news, why there will be a man to call her “wife”, two people love marriage why she never took Wang Bing home to see parents.After investigation, wu Lingling, who claimed to be the “post-90s”, was actually the “post-70s”, already nearly 50 years old.She has been married since 1999 and has four children with her husband.The network packaging out of the image is just for the convenience of chatting up men, and online love, cohabitation, marriage, cheating money, wedding “niece” is also Wu Lingling’s daughter.”In fact, Wang Bing and Hu Gang, who claims to be Wu Lingling’s husband, are only targets of Wu Lingling.”According to prosecutors, between June and December 2021, Wu swindled Wang bing and Hu Gang out of more than 130,000 yuan by borrowing money for medical treatment, lacking living expenses and buying “three gold items” when they got married.On April 2, 2022, The Procuratorate of Jiangyin City prosecuted Wu Lingling on suspicion of fraud, and the case is still under further trial.(All characters in the article are pseudonyms)