Meng Hailin yi Yangqianxi was targeted against injustice, why can’t do three provinces my body every day?

2022-08-06 0 By

I don’t know what works Wang hailin has, but his comments on the stars have been praised by some as “honest”, “insightful, thoughtful” and “dare to speak out”.Indeed, praise meng Meiqi, highly evaluated Wang Yibo, Liu Haocun, Wang Hailin really when the above touted.Recently, Wang Hailin has written hundreds of words for the strength and flow of Yi Yangqianxi articles, praised his acting: very good, play more freely and more stable, a breath of cold…Can get the flow of stars hated Wang Hailin so praise, yi Yangqianxi’s acting is indeed commendable, but the following words let people feel from Wang Hailin write is not their own face?”In recent years, the battle behind the stars has been bloody, the competition for resources is cut-throat, and many directions in the public opinion field are manipulative and profit-oriented…”Originally, Wang Hailin also know: “the current black several people is another several similar positioning of the star in the beginning, the circle basically know who is in the black who!”Isn’t he the one at the center of the wave, tying up with one interest group to bombard stars from another camp?No wonder he saw this matter so clear, write to the point, because others are bystanders, are chattering, not too much opinionate melon masses, Wang Haolin but involved in and can use the hands of the thousand jun pen and a certain jianghu status, strategize in the man!So, do as you would be done by, wang hl know black a star, especially organized layout, entirely and compete for resources, tearing for entertainment radical banner, also led the leg hair some contradictions news, for he and his legs don’t like star heinous personal attacks and undermine,What is he more noble than the people he accuses of being unfair to Yi?What’s beautiful about it?To tell the truth, I have never seen someone against Yi Yangqianxi, even Wang Hailin himself admitted that yi Yangqianxi himself “does have resources”, there will also be someone who overpowers himself, a delusion of lifting up a giant tree, where cool where to stay, don’t regardless of the occasion to do spring and Autumn dream!It is wang Hailin himself after writing this article, should be like the old master said that I every day three provinces my body, to reflect on whether they have become their own hated that kind of people!Whether they are fair and just when they publish a large number of comments on various platforms, whether they purify the network environment or make it worse, they become the organizer and perpetrator of network violence intentionally or unintentionally.Otherwise, all your words and Liu Haocun reciting “fragrant oath”, said to the disabled spring breeze rain care;Liu Xin tearfully said “do cow do horse filial song mother”, turned to file a second appeal;Like those people who claim their acting skills are worthy of a Grand Slam in every category, they have become the stuff of ridiculous conversation.However, Wang Hailin is right in one sentence: when the melon eaters are led to the rhythm, they should remember that this may be the opponent in his black, and then make a judgment.The Internet is a mix of fish and dragons, both true and false when fake. Think twice before drawing conclusions, so as not to be taken by those with bad intentions and impure goals.