Remember zeng Guofan’s family instructions

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My brother didn’t like reading when he was a kid.In order to coax him to go to school, I took out the only one I had, probably a new harvest.Even though my father would exchange several new pieces of blue and purple fifty cents every year, he would give three of his siblings as lucky money on the first day of the New Year, which was far higher than the ten or twenty cents that his friends generally got.For two cents can buy a local egg, six cents can eat a bowl of cold noodles, a young worker’s monthly salary is less than 20 yuan, five yuan to the little me, is really a huge sum of money.I do not want to use, left teng right change, changed into a new 89, clip in the Chinese textbook as a bookmark.My favorite Chinese textbook, with a new cut a bumper harvest.It feels so good.In order to coax my brother to go to school, I reluctantly took it out, trying to lure him: five dollars, new, want to?The younger brother said: Yes.I said: take the money to go to school.The younger brother said: No.I ask: new money, want to want?The younger brother said: Yes.I ask again: that you take, go to school.The younger brother said: No.In the New Year, I thought of zeng Guofan’s criteria to see if there is hope in a family’s children: the first thing is to see what time they get up in the morning;The second thing, whether to do their own household affairs;The third thing is to see if the children of this family are fond of reading books of sages…In the ten generations of zeng’s descendants, no one was a scum mixed with society, and most of them were social elites.(8 January 2022)