Sichuan faces a change of coach, haddadi or be traded

2022-08-06 0 By

In the summer of 2021, Shanghai used some of that cash as leverage to sign point guard Yuan Tangwen on loan from Sichuan.Sichuan, a small – cost sichuan team, is struggling, unable to invest as much as Shanghai and Shougang.At present, the third stage of the sichuan league is approaching, and sichuan’s current ranking will not allow us to enter the playoffs of the 2021-2022 season.The front office intends to make an official change of management at the end of this season, and the option to re-sign haddadi could also be traded.Sichuan head coach Zhou Jinli’s coaching ability is not very good at sichuan.Now Yang Xuezeng became the head coach of the Mountain west team, easy to take the mountain west team from the lottery zone to the playoffs.Zhou jinli could not arrange rotation of players according to the situation of the match, and he also had problems in the cultivation of young players, which made it difficult for zhu Songwei, Jing Hanyi and other players to get sufficient development space.The 35-year-old veteran still deserves praise for his performance this season. As a former bayi player, Han shuo has a lot of experience in the game and even has a deeper understanding of tactics and techniques than coach Zhou Jinli.Yuan is playing for Shanghai this season, making Han one of the only sichuan players who can connect the sichuan team.Han shuo is also considering retirement at the end of this season, and the management recognizes his ability and plans to arrange him to succeed Zhou Jinli as the head coach, thus imitating the construction of other teams, starting from the younger head coach.Iran’s shaun Hadadi has not been as good as he has been in previous seasons. Sichuan would like to trade him for the right to renew his contract in exchange for draft rights and some cash.The 2022 draft will include several quality domestic linemen, including Cao Song, Sun Fukuan and Li Shengzhe, who was selected by Shandong in the last draft.It is not expected that Yuan will return to Shanghai this offseason, and if Han Shuo makes the transition to head coach, Sichuan may need to select a high quality point guard of potential in the draft.