Xi ‘an bureau reconnects multiple emUs to start high-speed rail “flower appreciation” train

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The picture shows passengers questioning the staff.Li Ziyu taken Beijing, xian, April 2 (xinhua bird Bai Chun Li Ziyu) 2, reporter from xi ‘an bureau of China railway group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “the xi ‘an railway bureau”), qingming festival small long vacation in 2022, shaanxi railway passenger traffic is expected to appear small growth, on April 3 for passenger travel peak, the xi ‘an railway bureau is expected to top passengers 200000 passengers in a single day.Among them, Xi ‘an station is expected to send 150,000 passengers.In order to better serve the needs of passengers during the Qingming Festival, such as ancestor worship, outing, flower appreciation and other travel, Xi ‘an Bureau Group company added and resumed the operation of xi ‘an to Hanzhong, Ningqiang and other directions of the EMU train, and xi ‘an to Guiyang north, Kunming south, Chongqing north, Yan ‘an, Yulin and other directions of the EMU train, good passenger travel services.The picture shows a high-speed railway crossing the sea of rape flowers in Hanzhong.In Hanzhong, Shaanxi province, a million mu of rape flowers bloom in the wind, like a golden sea.On March 25, the 2022 China’s Most Beautiful Rape Flower Sea Hanzhong Tourism and Culture Festival kicked off.At the same time, hanzhong, known as the birthplace of Chinese tea culture, has also arrived in the tea picking season.In order to cope with the tourist flow, Xi ‘an Bureau Group company resumed and added the following trains to facilitate passengers’ travel: from April 1 onwards, the resumption of Ningqiang south to Xi ‘an North D6856, Hanzhong to Dongguan East K768;D6858 service between Hanzhong and North Xi ‘an was resumed from April 2;From April 2 to April 5, c9353/60 from Ningqiang South to North Xi ‘an, C9361/68 from Hanzhong to North Xi ‘an, C9365/72, C9371/52, C9357/64, C9363/70 and D9417/6 will be added;Trains C9370 from Ningqiang south to Xi ‘an north, C9364 and C9374 from Hanzhong to Xi ‘an north will be added on April 3 and 5.It is reported that during the Qingming Holiday, Xi ‘an Railway Bureau reconnected xi ‘an to North Of Guiyang, South of Kunming, north of Chongqing, Yan ‘an, Yulin and other directions of multiple EMU trains, from 8 cars to 16, the capacity to double.The picture shows a high-speed railway crossing the sea of rape flowers in Hanzhong.In addition, xi ‘an Railway Bureau operates 1.5 bullet trains a day between Xi ‘an and Huangling for the convenience of those who go to the tomb Sweeping Day to worship their ancestors.At the same time, c184/5 trains from Xi ‘an to Yan ‘an will be reconnected to double their capacity.According to the report, in order to meet the travel needs of holiday passengers, Xi ‘an Railway Bureau coordinated epidemic prevention and control and transportation organization, fully implemented the “one map per day” plan, dynamically allocated transport capacity, and precisely operated trains according to passenger flow demand and epidemic prevention and control policy changes.In accordance with requirements of the normalized epidemic prevention and control, the tube station to the waiting room, romantic, wicket, platform and exit area shoppers, on the basis of the implementation of 2 hours at security station link to implement “a guest of two temperature”, namely: a passenger security ShouJian homework to a ShouJian instrument disinfection, through the door, two temperature measuring operation point temperature gun;After the completion of each train operation, the staff of the ticket gate machine for a full coverage of disinfection, so as to eliminate;Optimize the seating arrangement in the waiting room to reduce the concentration of passengers sitting in the waiting area;Make good use of atomizing disinfection robots. For areas with high passenger waiting rate in the waiting room, atomizing disinfection robots are set up to carry out periodic, fixed-point and non-dead Angle disinfection on areas such as waiting stations and ticket checkpoints every half an hour, so as to build multiple disinfection barriers for station vehicles.Source: Chinanews.com